Street photography takes on a new definition when you see it from the eyes of those actually living on them.

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Founded in 2012, Cafe Art is a social enterprise which connects people affected by homelessness or are socially vulnerable with art in the community. Disposable cameras are handed out to people living on the streets and asked to take photos of London. They are then hung in over 20 cafes in London. All the proceeds from sales are given to the artists.


Cafe Art also runs a yearly initiative in which it gives 100 disposable cameras out at St Pauls. This year 80 were returned and 2500 photos developed. From then, 20 were selected and displayed in a gallery as well as made into a calendar, supported by the Royal Photography Society with funds going to develop further art initiatives to help those affected by homelessness.


You can help this fantastic cause by donating on Kickstarter for a 2016 calendar.

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You can find out more about Cafe Art on their websiteFacebook and on Twitter.