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TEN Collection S3 : Interview with Eric Pare

Eric Pare lives in Montreal, Canada, where he makes a living from light painting, bullet time, and stop motion photography – he’s even made a documentary about them called LightSpin.

It’s a very new discipline, and Eric is one of its foremost practitioners – but he even says he relies “mostly on practice, instinct and luck to create my pictures”.

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Mr Xerty Speax

Fotolia’s first introduction to the mysterious Mr Xerty came during Season 1 of the TEN Collection. He was self-taught, we were told, working as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator since 2008.

Nervous friends, fearful of giving too much away, whispered how Xerty (the “Mr” came later) only found his true calling in graphic design after a friend introduced him to Photoshop.

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Calling all Digital Artists!

The TEN Collection wants YOU! Are you a digital artist looking for an international challenge? Then look no further… We’ve chosen ten categories, inspired by the original TEN pieces, and are inviting YOU to challenge the original artists from TEN Season 2. The winner will receive an amazing prize worth over $130,000, as well as an international promotional campaign assisted by Fotolia.

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S2 TEN Collection Contest: Introduced by S1’s Winner Sebastian Powszuk

The winner of the Season 1 Contest, Poland’s Sebastian Powszuk has shared with us what it meant to win, why it is worth entering and how Season 2 differs from the previous year’s Season.

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TEN contributor Lydia Baillergeau

Anyone looking for a showcase of the world’s leading graphic design talent really needs to see Fotolia’s TEN Collection. 2013 was the collection’s second year and revealed more stunning and beautiful images than ever before. We caught up with San Francisco Motion Artist and TEN Collection contributor Lydia Baillergeau to talk about her work, influences […]

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TEN Season 2, series finale!

Spectacular season 2 of Fotolia’s popular TEN Collection comes to an end today, with the unveiling of the series’ final artwork. The image, entitled Unfinished Sympathy, was created by French duo Yoann Madec and Solene Renaudin – better known as Düne and Sosoa – part of the Gang Corporate Collective. The couple are expecting their […]

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TEN’s 5th PSD by British artist Mike Harrison available on May10th

On the 10th of every month, at 10am, Fotolia sends out a free PSD created by little-known but highly talented world class artists, using images from Fotolia’s collection.  This unprecedented project allows any web user to download the source PSD file created by the artists and access the set of layers, graphic elements and style effects […]

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Fotolia’s launching a new designer contest!

We have a new fun & unique opportunity for you to showcase your work! From September 10 to October 10, digital artists from all over the globe will have an opportunity to challenge the ten original artists behind the images of the TEN Collection project. Finalists will be eligible to win from a selection of […]

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Fotolia’s TEN Collection releases its 6th PSD

The TEN Collection has come quite a ways since it’s launch in December 2011. With six artists released and with only four more to go, this educational initiative will leave behind a legacy of designer tips & tricks from the very best French digital artists out there. Designers from all over the globe have benefited […]

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New TEN Collection PSD comes out tomorrow!

Last month, we kicked off Ten with Soemone and the response was overwhelming. With close to 17,000 downloads in 24 hours across the globe, we’re pleased to say that the premiere was a huge success! We’re excited to present you this month’s artist,  Xavier Bourdil. Hailing from Paris, he takes on the alias of “Trust […]

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