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Taking the ‘Stock’ out of Stock Photos: Konrad Bak

Stock photography is often (and not incorrectly) imagined as generic images of people or objects in very ordinary surroundings and circumstances. But an increasing number of best-selling contributors are looking to break this mold.

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A camera in every pocket

Juan Moyano is a Fotolia stock photographer from Spain, one of our dedicated contributors who says he couldn’t live without a camera by his side.

We spoke to him about the development of mobile photography and how the images an artist makes reflect their life…

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David Sandonato

David Sandonato is primarily an illustrator, but his photos uploaded using Fotolia’s Instant app are pretty popular, too. He has designed club flyers, infographics, and is something of a specialist in image collections.

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Women in Stock: Freedom and Flexibility

Testing the boundaries of traditional business models is something of a habit at Fotolia. But we didn’t realize our rebellious streak might be both a creative outlet and viable career for so many of our contributors.

Particularly our female contributors.

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Images Good Enough To Eat!

Ruth Black is a Fotolia contributor from Scotland who specializes in photographing food – particularly delicious and beautiful cupcakes. She also… Ah, look, you can read all about it in the interview below. We’re just popping out to the bakery…

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Darren Baker: My Photographic History

As part of our series featuring high ranking Fotolia Contributors we caught up with Darren Baker, a specialist in portrait stock photography.

Darren was generous enough to share his story and to offer up some of the valuable stock photography tips he’s picked up along the way.

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Ask the Experts: Selling Your Photos On Stock

Stock photography has become increasingly popular with both consumers and contributors in recent years. But how do you start selling your photos? And what should you look for when shooting to maximize your sales?

We asked two of Fotolia’s most successful contributors, Konrad Bak and Tomasz Tulik, for their tips on these and other stock photography questions…

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Puddle Visions

There are beautiful pictures to be taken in the middle of the urban jungle, says New York journalist and Instant Collection Contributor Erik Larson – and you don’t need a DSLR to capture them. Erik spoke to Fotolia about capturing the beauty of the city on an iPhone 5 and using the Fotolia Instant Collection […]

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Fotolia and UGCX: User Generated Conference & Expo

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Fotolia Announces Call For Stock Video Submissions

Leading source for legal, low-cost imagery seeks stock video submissions for launch of new stock video offering

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