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Top Tips from Fotolia Contributors: Equipment

Fotolia’s 200,000 contributors supply our amazing array of images from around the world.
We asked them to share some tips and tricks for every reader., and this week we’re focusing on photography equipment.

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Success Is In The Statistics

Robert Kneschke took a brave gamble when he left university: he gave himself one year to make it as a photographer, otherwise he would get himself a “proper” job.

Seven years later and here he is being interviewed by Fotolia – nice work, Robert! Now, can you tell us how you managed it…?

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Fotolia’s Latest Workshop Turns Hotel into Photo Studio

Twenty-five attendees gathered at the Hotel Bogota on June 9, 2012 for ‘Hotel Fotolia’ – a photoshoot workshop. The hotel served as a perfect environment, boasting various settings and intricate backgrounds to choose from, in which attendees had the opportunity to photograph to their heart’s content, experiment with new tips & tricks, and perfect their […]

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