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TEN’s 4th artist, Marumiyan from Japan, creates a “visual symphony”

On the 10th of every month, at 10am, Fotolia sends out a free PSD created by little-known but highly talented world class artists, using images from Fotolia’s collection. This unprecedented project allows any web user to download the source PSD file created by the artists and access the set of layers, graphic elements and style […]

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Fotolia’s TEN Collection releases its 6th PSD

The TEN Collection has come quite a ways since it’s launch in December 2011. With six artists released and with only four more to go, this educational initiative will leave behind a legacy of designer tips & tricks from the very best French digital artists out there. Designers from all over the globe have benefited […]

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Fotolia’s TEN Collection launched today!

What’s the TEN Collection? Simply put, TEN Collection is 10 artists – 10 themes -10 months – 10 PSDs We’ve sought out some amazing digital artists to share their unique know-how and talent with you over the next 10 months.  Each month, we’ll introduce you to a new artist, theme and image. And the best […]

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