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Ilja the Home Automator

Ilja Mašík is from Prague and is kind of, sort of, mostly a professional photographer, but with an interesting sideline in home automation. We sat him down to talk about serious things such as life, Art, and photography…

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Darren Baker: My Photographic History

As part of our series featuring high ranking Fotolia Contributors we caught up with Darren Baker, a specialist in portrait stock photography.

Darren was generous enough to share his story and to offer up some of the valuable stock photography tips he’s picked up along the way.

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From Russia With Style

Sergey Chernov is a traveler, an explorer, a one-time graffiti artist, and was nearly a lawyer, but he’s now a photographer and designer, whose large body of work on Fotolia covers different themes, different styles, and – as you might expect – many different places!

Sergey spoke to Fotolia from Cambodia, where he’s currently exploring the mighty ruins of Angkor Wat. We asked him about becoming an artist, discovering your creativity, and creating graffiti in Greece.

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An Undersea Career

Richard Carey is a full-time underwater photographer – which explains how he manages to capture some of his incredible images of the sea and its inhabitants.

We spoke to Richard while he was briefly back on dry land, asking him about the twin challenges of underwater photography and selling your images on Fotolia.

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deviantART’s “7 Deadly Sins” contest is a wrap

In a competition of epic proportions, graphic designers battled it out in the Seven Deadly Sins contest. Fotolia and deviantART challenged graphic designers to use three Fotolia stock images to forge the best depiction of the sin of their choice. Designs covered all the seven sins, which are greed, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth, envy, and […]

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Fotolia’s Garth Johnson teaches students in South Africa how to get behind the lens

Today we welcome back our very own Garth Johnson who has just returned from a special volunteer trip to teach photography at Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg. Not like many other schools, Sparrow’s sole purpose is to prepare children from townships who face learning challenges with the tools and skills they need to succeed in the […]

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Fotolia Photo & Design Contest: Week 2 Winners

Congratulations to our week two winners, who took this photo, and turned it into their winning creations. The original contest photo   Week 2 – winner #1: Dima Lomachevsky (Ukraine) –winner, Apple iPad2 32GB WiFi   Week 2 – winner #2: Ryan Birnie (UK) – winner, Wacom Inkling pen   Week 2 – winner #3 (tie): Andrzej Kidaj (Poland) – […]

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How do I buy stock photography on Fotolia?

Learn 4 Easy steps to buy stock photography on Fotolia.

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Fotolia CEO Detained by Police for Taking Pictures

CEO’s day ruined by taking pictures.

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