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Tutorial: Low Contrast Coloring Effect

By Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE.com In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a low-contrast colorizing technique that is simple and stunning. We begin with this Photograph from Fotolia.                   Reduce the contrast. Use Image>Adjust>levels and Push the midrange to the left by sliding the […]

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Fotolia and Xycod Introduce Major Advances in Stock Image Application – Xycod’s PostworkShop 2.1 Directly Accesses Fotolia’s Image Bank

PostworkShop 2.1 – a comprehensive toolkit for digital image enhancement and artistic reinterpretation – now provides direct access to Fotolia’s premium image marketplace. An innovation radically streamlining workflow for image and graphic design professionals and digital imaging creatives. Fotolia and Xycod are pleased to announce the immediate availability of PostworkShop 2.1. This integrates online image search, […]

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