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TEN Goes Post-Modern for September – Download the PSD for Free on September 10

This month, Fotolia goes to Spain. On Tuesday, Septeber 10, users can download the work of image creator, Sergio Del Puerto, aka Serial Cut™, from Spain.  The piece, “Faux Tiroirs” is inspired by the renaissance period’s “cabinets of curiosities” and is the perfect post modern example: an eclectic mix of old and new, combining human […]

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Tutorial: Low Contrast Coloring Effect

By Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE.com In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a low-contrast colorizing technique that is simple and stunning. We begin with this Photograph from Fotolia.                   Reduce the contrast. Use Image>Adjust>levels and Push the midrange to the left by sliding the […]

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Tutorial: Fotolia’s Adobe CS6 plugin

Streamline your workflow with integrated access to Fotolia’s huge stock image database. Finding the perfect image for your project just became easier – and faster – with Fotolia’s new plugin for Adobe Creative Suite. Now, you can search and download amazingly affordable images directly within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. All designers know that searching […]

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New TEN Collection PSD comes out tomorrow!

Last month, we kicked off Ten with Soemone and the response was overwhelming. With close to 17,000 downloads in 24 hours across the globe, we’re pleased to say that the premiere was a huge success! We’re excited to present you this month’s artist,  Xavier Bourdil. Hailing from Paris, he takes on the alias of “Trust […]

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