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Darren Baker: My Photographic History

As part of our series featuring high ranking Fotolia Contributors we caught up with Darren Baker, a specialist in portrait stock photography.

Darren was generous enough to share his story and to offer up some of the valuable stock photography tips he’s picked up along the way.

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Taking Mobile Pictures For Fun AND Profit

We love speaking to Fotolia’s Instant Collection contributors: they come from all over the world, are all ages, and started taking pictures for many different reasons. The only thing they really have in common is that they make money selling their pictures on Fotolia! Recently, we spoke to Robin Michel, a student from France, about his love of photography and discovering how to profit from his hobby…

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HP and Fotolia help reinvent Interior Design

Blank, empty walls – ugh! So boring! Nothing to see every day but the same color in every direction. Won’t someone save us from this monotonous vista?

Yes, Fotolia and HP will!

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Calling all Digital Artists!

The TEN Collection wants YOU! Are you a digital artist looking for an international challenge? Then look no further… We’ve chosen ten categories, inspired by the original TEN pieces, and are inviting YOU to challenge the original artists from TEN Season 2. The winner will receive an amazing prize worth over $130,000, as well as an international promotional campaign assisted by Fotolia.

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From Russia With Style

Sergey Chernov is a traveler, an explorer, a one-time graffiti artist, and was nearly a lawyer, but he’s now a photographer and designer, whose large body of work on Fotolia covers different themes, different styles, and – as you might expect – many different places!

Sergey spoke to Fotolia from Cambodia, where he’s currently exploring the mighty ruins of Angkor Wat. We asked him about becoming an artist, discovering your creativity, and creating graffiti in Greece.

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A Citizen of the World

Iñigo Cia da Riva lives in Spain, but his beautiful photographs are from all around the world, embracing landscapes, cities, animals, plants, and people.

How does he find and record such remarkable images? We persuaded him to stay in one place long enough to answer some of our questions…

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An Undersea Career

Richard Carey is a full-time underwater photographer – which explains how he manages to capture some of his incredible images of the sea and its inhabitants.

We spoke to Richard while he was briefly back on dry land, asking him about the twin challenges of underwater photography and selling your images on Fotolia.

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Monochrome in Malaysia

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir Nordin is 39 and lives in Kajang Selangor, Malaysia with his wife and two children. He began uploading pictures to Fotolia’s Instant Collection earlier this year, and his atmospheric black and white images, often rather lonely and magical, have won him many admirers – not least here in the Fotolia offices! […]

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TEN contributor Lydia Baillergeau

Anyone looking for a showcase of the world’s leading graphic design talent really needs to see Fotolia’s TEN Collection. 2013 was the collection’s second year and revealed more stunning and beautiful images than ever before. We caught up with San Francisco Motion Artist and TEN Collection contributor Lydia Baillergeau to talk about her work, influences […]

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Puddle Visions

There are beautiful pictures to be taken in the middle of the urban jungle, says New York journalist and Instant Collection Contributor Erik Larson – and you don’t need a DSLR to capture them. Erik spoke to Fotolia about capturing the beauty of the city on an iPhone 5 and using the Fotolia Instant Collection […]

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