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Top Picks for Textured Backgrounds

As you know Fotolia has a fantastic variety of stock photos, but have you seen our equally fantastic portfolio of textured backgrounds?

No? We thought not. That’s why we’ve chosen some unique and inspired creative pieces to broaden your notion of what Fotolia offers.

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David Sandonato

David Sandonato is primarily an illustrator, but his photos uploaded using Fotolia’s Instant app are pretty popular, too. He has designed club flyers, infographics, and is something of a specialist in image collections.

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Generation Photography

Jelena Jovanovic is one of Fotolia’s top contributors. Based in Serbia, we asked her about getting started in the stock photography industry, what inspires her, and any tips or recommendations she could give other contributors.

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Keep It Simple – talking to Tom Malyska

Tom Malyska is one of Fotolia’s very best-selling illustrators in his home country of Germany. How does he do it? Why does he do it? We sent our top reporter, Rene Bosch, on a mission to find out…

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Digital Art from (very) close up: TEN Collection Season 1 and 2 at fotoliaLAB Berlin

Fotolia would like to invite you to a very unique event this spring. We will once again acknowledge the great artists of our international creative project TEN Collection – and display all 21 collages from Seasons 1 & 2 at fotoliaLAB in Berlin.

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Fotolia Facebook Hits 100K ‘Likes’

We’ve hit the milestone today of 100K ‘Likes’ on Facebook. A massive thank you to all fans, old and new who’ve supported us and shared with us along the way.

100K fans is testament to the international growth of Fotolia which this year will mark its 10th Birthday!

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Images Good Enough To Eat!

Ruth Black is a Fotolia contributor from Scotland who specializes in photographing food – particularly delicious and beautiful cupcakes. She also… Ah, look, you can read all about it in the interview below. We’re just popping out to the bakery…

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Fotolia

Celebrated internationally, Valentine’s Day is recognized as an opportunity to tell the ones closest to you how much they mean to you.

The history of Valentine’s Day goes back to the 3rd century AD, where Valentine, an Italian bishop, performed weddings for couples that did not have permission to get married.

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Ilja the Home Automator

Ilja Mašík is from Prague and is kind of, sort of, mostly a professional photographer, but with an interesting sideline in home automation. We sat him down to talk about serious things such as life, Art, and photography…

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Happy Chinese New Year from Fotolia!

15 days of celebration commence across China and around the world today, marking the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

2014 is the Year of the Horse, which is said to bring health and prosperity to all. The Year of the Horse is also said to be a wonderful time to go traveling, savor local cuisine and culture, and to explore previously unknown places.

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