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Fotolia’ s Adobe plugin is now compatible with CS6

The rumors are true! Fotolia’s industry-first plugin, originally released to the public in February for 2012 for CS5, is now fully compatible with CS6, meaning that designers will continue to have instanct access to Fotolia’s premium content. Developed by Silicon Publishing, the plugin was specifically designed to ease the creative process by enabling users to […]

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Fotolia releases ground-breaking extension for Adobe CS5

New York, NY, October 11, 2011 – Silicon Publishing and Fotolia announced an exciting new extension that incorporates over 14 million stock photos directly into Adobe’s Creative Suite. The extension lets users browse, manage, and incorporate stock photos from Fotolia.com directly within Adobe’s Creative Suite applications including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Developed by […]

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