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Digital Art from (very) close up: TEN Collection Season 1 and 2 at fotoliaLAB Berlin

Fotolia would like to invite you to a very unique event this spring. We will once again acknowledge the great artists of our international creative project TEN Collection – and display all 21 collages from Seasons 1 & 2 at fotoliaLAB in Berlin.

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Fotolia in Berlin

This week we contacted Fotolia’s German team to ask them where to go in Berlin if we were planning a visit – or even to live there.

We already knew that the city’s underground clubs and Art had been undergoing quite a renaissance recently – and the city itself has a long historical significance, but what other insider knowledge could they share with us…?

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fotoliaLAB’s “Me, Myself & I” art exhibition

fotoliaLAB is opening its doors to its second exhibition: “Me, Myself and I”. This is the second exhibition taking place at fotoliaLAB in Berlin, Germany, and features an impressive selection of self-portraits by 40 internationally renowned photographers, including Yuri Arcurs, Andres Rodriguez, Marco Mayer, Diana Drubig and Franz Pfluegl. Each image is a stunning replica […]

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