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New partnership with PDF Chef

A Partnership That Delivers On All Levels… The PDF Chef has learned how partnering with Fotolia can make a world of difference when delivering vision. PDF Chef can now seamlessly deliver their end-to-end service by incorporating Fotolia’s extensive and high quality image library – complete with search functionality – through the use of Fotolia’s excellent […]

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Cash for bloggers with Fotolia and WordPress Plug-in

NEW YORK, NY, February 2, 2010 – Microstock entrepreneurs Lee Torrens and Amos Struck, teamed up to launch the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress. Based on Fotolia’s most powerful API, bloggers can now instantly search from 8-million royalty-free images on Fotolia and add them to their posts without leaving WordPress. What’s even better is that […]

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News about Fotolia API

Two months ago we released the Fotolia API. The Fotolia API is a programming interface used by developers to create new applications, widgets, and websites from the Fotolia website. Since the launch of the API many developers have started to create these new applications, many of which will soon be released.

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