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Interview with duet #4 TEN Collection Photographer, Christophe Huet

We recently spoke to Christope Huet, the digital artist behind the fourth PSD, in series 3, of the TEN Collection (a collaboration project with 5 photographers, and 5 designers, from 10 different countries).

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TEN Duet #4: Energy of Life

Discover today’s free PSD to download from the fourth talented duo from Season 3 of the TEN Collection. French digital artist Christophe Huet and Spanish photographer Mikael Muruzabal introduce ‘Energy of Life’.

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From Chicken Stock to Microstock

We recently had the chance to chat to Brent Hofacker, a successful food photographer and Fotolia contributor. Widely respected in his field, we wanted to understand how he creates the artistic flavour in his work and the necessary ingredients needed to create timeless food photography without a proverbial sell-by date.

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September Blues

No one likes September. The summer ends, work starts, the days get shorter, nights get longer and those holiday snaps now seem to be faded memories. September, to put it plainly, is just grim.

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Capture the Process to Capture the Sales

This month sees fashion weeks occurring in five of the world’s fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, London, Berlin and New York. Fashion themed photography uploads this month will almost certainly push the Fotolia portfolio over the 31 million photo mark. When selling in a marketplace so full of photos, meeting user demands during fashion month is essential if the contributor is to achieve commercial success.

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Selfie Mania

Anyone who has ever had contact with the world of photography, will be familiar with the term, ‘Selfie.’

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The No-nonsense Methodology Behind Hiroki Ogasawara’s Urban Masterpiece

Having won July’s Ten competition, the extremely talented Hiroki Ogasawara agreed to share with us the method he used to create his winning piece.

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Versatile King Jakub

Having read an article about the microstock business on a bus back in 2008, Jakub Godja decided to give a career in photography a crack. He was attracted by the infinite possibilities of creativity, and the accessibility of an industry in which anyone with a digital camera has the opportunity to upload photos for submission.

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Go Nuts For These Donuts

A valued food and drink photographer and regular contributor to Fotolia, Brent Hofacker was kind enough to share with us an old family recipe. His Grandma’s Donut Holes had us licking our lips here at Fotolia and we thought we’d take the opportunity to share it with you.

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Search and you shall find

Fotolia this month saw its 30 millionth image uploaded to the site consolidating its position as one of the world’s largest stock agencies.

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