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Free Images of the Week: Flowers

A bunch of flowers have the ability to cheer up everyone’s day. And the same can most definitely be said for a bunch of free images; three to be precise all based on this week’s flower theme (available until Sunday, 29th March, 11.59pm).

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Animal Mouth-Off

You can put make-up on this idea, but it will remain the same in concept. It seems that this year, this artistic theme is really on everyone’s lips! And it works with just about all creatures alike…

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2014 Fotolia Bestsellers: The Global Image Trends of Last Year

Featuring the Visual Trends of the Booming Smartphone Photography Industry for the First Time

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Simulating Old Masters Paintings

Using stock images to recreate painted textures and lighting in the style of Vermeer and Rembrandt; a guide by renowned Photoshop Artist Scott Valentine.

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Solar Eclipse

This Friday (20th March) marks a rare and exciting astronomical event in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia: a partial solar eclipse last witnessed on this scale in 1999. A solar eclipse, in layman’s terms is an overshadowing of the sun whereby the moon passes between the sun and the Earth blocking out the sun.E

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

A day when the Irish abroad, at home and descendants alike can show their pride and get together in celebrating their vast culture.

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First in Photography: Anna Atkins

Today marks what would have been the 216th Birthday of arguably one of the leading pioneers in photography as well as botany. Born in England in 1799 Anna Atkins is considered to be the first person to publish a book containing photographs. Although not confirmed, it is believed by some she was also the first woman to create a photograph.

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Free Images of the Week: Chocolate

We know how unfair this may be for those of you holding off on chocolate for lent (congrats to those who’ve kept up with their resolution!) so to those resisting temptation, look away now, unless of course, you really want to test your willpower. This week’s free images (available until Sunday, 16th March, 11.59pm) are a sweet offering of chocolate

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Up Close and Pig-Like

Artistic directors of advertising agencies have used similar examples of images depicting faces we’re sure you’ve made either trying to get too close to shop windows to eye up something that takes your fancy, or to freak your friends out on the other side of the glass.

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Video Graphic Freedom

We got a chance to speak with one of our fantastic stock video contributors Yuriy Matrox about mixing his day job as a graphic designer together with his passion for video graphics which combined make for a wonderfully creative and intricate portfolio.

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