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Fotolia vs Advertising – Fruit Lickin’ Campaigns

OK it’s not the same fruit (a strawberry on Fotolia, a tomato in advertisements), but this is exactly the same concept using the same visual identity. And what a tasty lookalike! The first campaign was for the “Swiss fresh burger”, and the second one is from a Swiss advertising campaign. Is it inspiring, plagiarising, or a fruit smoothie mix? I’m not sure; the fruit got my tongue!

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Illustrated or Comic Style in Photoshop

A note from Eric, aka Tip Squirrel our super on-hand Photoshop Guru is that this tutorial is aimed at the intermediate to expert user and does assume some prior knowledge in Photoshop. Here he explains how to create an illustrated or comic style in Photoshop. Over to you Eric……

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FOTOLIA UPDATE: HD Videos Worth 5 Times More To Your Rank

Increase your ranking and commission faster when selling videos!

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We’re a week into 2015 and we’re wondering how many of you have so far kept your New Year’s resolutions? If you have, congrats, we envy your resilience. If you haven’t managed to, or thought better of making some in the first place you knew you’d never be able to keep, then join the queue. We have however got a New Year’s resolution you can however keep that’s fun, perfect for storing memories and can potentially earn you money.

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Hit The Slopes

There are two types of Winter person. Those who at the sight of snow can think of nothing else other than slipping into salopettes and heading for the mountains to enjoy a spot of skiing or snowboarding. And those who want to curl back into bed and hibernate until Summer’s back upon us.

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Not a Newborn Idea

Not easy to make something new in advertising with cute little babies. From dancing babies, babies on roller skates, talking babies, adult babies and now the trend for babies in advertising has, in some people’s mind, stretched to the limit – we’ve got tattooed babies! Surprisingly for many, these little inked cuties are not a rare concept to come across in advertising as the below examples show!

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How to Swap Heads in Photoshop

This is an awesome tutorial from our friends over at Phlearn, the fun as well as highly educational Photoshop tutorial website. It teaches you how to swap heads in Photoshop. This fantastic technique can transform photos, particularly group shots such as family photos where there’s always one person who is squinting, blinking, pulling a silly face or who just thinks ‘I look weird!’. To perform the swap all you need is two images that were taken at the scene to ensure all elements are the same – lighting, exposure etc.

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Best of December

Entering into January after all the seasonal festivities have come to an end can often be a rather dreary and uninspiring prospect. Luckily, we’ve put together our ‘Best of December’ gallery to lift you into 2015 – a reminder of the fantastic images we had submitted to Fotolia in 2014, as well as a sneak peak of the consistent quality and vast array of themes that are available to spice up your design work!

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Happy New Year From Fotolia

From all of us at Fotolia, we wish you Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!

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Create cute mini-planets with landscapes!

We were so excited to see that the webzine Ufunk, which focuses on showcasing breakthrough art, gadgets, design and all-round ‘amazing stuff’ has selected an amazing array of images from the photographer DavidArts, who creates circular panoramic photos simply equipped with his smartphone, transforming the landscapes around him into cute mini-planets.

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