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Best of 2014

The stock image industry has seen some massive changes over the past few years and a 2014 was a pivotal year in terms of the variety of images uploaded. The notion that it is just a marketplace for high-quality corporate imagery perfect for business needs has changed dramatically. Stock imagery has diversified and as more businesses find their budgets cut more, clients are increasingly turning to stock agencies for all types of visuals.

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Increase Marketing Potential with Videos

More and more businesses are looking to video to increase engagement on their websites, applications, and advertisements – anywhere in which a specific message is being promoted and requires a user’s attention.

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Recycling planet

Recently, we featured a tutorial for creating mini planets with landscapes. Visibly, this method has already been the source of inspiration for many advertisements. In the small world of advertising, ideas circulate very quickly and are constantly recycled, re-adapted, improved and built upon

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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

It’s hard to imagine that Adobe Photoshop marks its 25th Birthday today. So synonymous now with digital art and photography, the term ‘photoshop’ has become a verb, a way to describe the aesthetic process in which an image has gone through to determine a desired visual outcome.

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Pressmaster Productions

Stock video has become increasingly popular to clients on Fotolia and who better to speak to than Fotolia ruby ranked Contributor, Pressmaster Productions. We jumped at the chance to get an insight into their expertise and discover more about how a stock production company works (and by the looks of their team photo below, it’s a lot of fun!).

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Chinese New Year

Tomorrow marks the turn of the Chinese calendar, otherwise known as Chinese, or Lunar New Year.

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The 20 Must-Have Tools Every Marketer Needs

We’ve been working with our partners at TextMaster who have put together a guide of 20 tools that can radically improve the digital means in which marketers can better their workflow and boost their productivity.

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Free Images of the Week: Transport

Download this weeks free images!

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The Path to Production Company

Syda Production’s Fotolia portfolio is a prime example of high-quality stock images and videos. Perfect for a wide range of business needs spanning industry professions and social set ups including health care, large-scale corporations, fitness and lifestyle as well as technology and daily activities.

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Free Images of the Week: Landscapes

Open the window to a new view with Fotolia’s three free images of the week.

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