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Fotolia vs Advertising – Creative Highway

Some more similarities discovered by advertising coincidences hunter Joe La Pompe. For designers, the road to originality can often be a long way ahead. Many have used this strong visual concept stamping their own unique perspective on the concept of road-carpeting.

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CMYK, RGB or Pantone?

Each person starting their adventure with computer graphics must face such concepts as CMYK, Pantone and RGB which refer to colour spaces. Together with Andrzej Kidaj, graphic designer and founder of Andy Design blog we decided to provide some insight into this subject.

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Tips to Improve your Social Media Strategy

You want to manage social media for your business? Creating profiles on social networking is the first (and most easy!) step. Then it’s on to forming a strategy and implementing the tools to promote your brand and your business. Here are some tips to act, analyze and improve your social media strategy.

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Using Stock Images in Social Media

Imagine your Facebook without any pictures. Almost unthinkable, isn’t it? Social Media is visual at the core and the usage of images in digital channels is mandatory for successful communication.

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Video-Mobilising Social Media

People are sharing more and more video content between their friends, and Facebook themselves will continue to utilize videos for their future advertising campaigns. Short-form videos were highlighted as they neatly fit into the newsfeed section of the site; short-form videos, like the ones available on Fotolia.

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Adding Text And Logos to Images in Photoshop

Its very fashionable to add text to images particularly for social media and Photoshop has some tools that make this relatively easy. Adding logos however has a few ‘secrets’ to getting it the way you want it, lets jump into Photoshop and see how its all done……

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Honey Coated

With his photo series “Preservation” Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little leaves nobody indifferent. For this stunning project, he covered models of all ages (ranging from an 18 month old baby to an 85 year old woman), races, ethnicities and body types, in honey, most of them naked.

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Beauty in the Abyss: Photographs by Elena Helfrecht

On a chilly fall evening we met Elena Helfrecht at our very own fotoliaLAB in Berlin: She was visiting us on the occasion of the exhibition for the DOCMA Award, where she took first place for her picture “Human Doll”. After that, we just couldn’t let her leave again – we wanted to know more about this young photographer and her extraordinary work. So she told us her story.

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Free Images of the Week: Flowers

A bunch of flowers have the ability to cheer up everyone’s day. And the same can most definitely be said for a bunch of free images; three to be precise all based on this week’s flower theme (available until Sunday, 29th March, 11.59pm).

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Animal Mouth-Off

You can put make-up on this idea, but it will remain the same in concept. It seems that this year, this artistic theme is really on everyone’s lips! And it works with just about all creatures alike…

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