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Doodling Mr Vukotič

Illustrator Jaka Vukotič spent much of his time doing different drawings, illustrations, and cartoons, whilst growing up in a land transforming from socialist Yugoslavia to capitalist Slovenia. The radical socio-political shift from egalitarianism to consumerism has left Jaka with a belief that we no longer live culture. We consume it. Fotolia: Can you introduce yourself, […]

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Interview with duet #4 TEN Collection Photographer, Mikel Muruzabal

This month we were lucky enough to talk to Mikel Muruzabal, the photographer behind the last week’s collaboration piece in series 3 of the TEN project. We’ve had a sneak peek at the new piece and it was undeniably awesome so it was great chatting to one of the men behind it. Fotolia: Hi Mikel, […]

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How to bring your images to life using Cinemagraphs

TA Cinemagraph is a looped gif in which only a small part of the image is animated whilst the rest is motionless. They are a great way to add subtle details to what appear to be static images. In fact, they are not images at all but videos manipulated in Photoshop.

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“Individuality in the Future”: The Contest

Win fantastic prizes by challenging this month’s collaborative design duo! There are two aspects to the competition: one for photographers, the other for graphic designers.

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Interview with duet #4 TEN Collection Photographer, Christophe Huet

We recently spoke to Christope Huet, the digital artist behind the fourth PSD, in series 3, of the TEN Collection (a collaboration project with 5 photographers, and 5 designers, from 10 different countries).

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TEN Duet #4: Energy of Life

Discover today’s free PSD to download from the fourth talented duo from Season 3 of the TEN Collection. French digital artist Christophe Huet and Spanish photographer Mikael Muruzabal introduce ‘Energy of Life’.

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September Blues

No one likes September. The summer ends, work starts, the days get shorter, nights get longer and those holiday snaps now seem to be faded memories. September, to put it plainly, is just grim.

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Versatile King Jakub

Having read an article about the microstock business on a bus back in 2008, Jakub Godja decided to give a career in photography a crack. He was attracted by the infinite possibilities of creativity, and the accessibility of an industry in which anyone with a digital camera has the opportunity to upload photos for submission.

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Go Nuts For These Donuts

A valued food and drink photographer and regular contributor to Fotolia, Brent Hofacker was kind enough to share with us an old family recipe. His Grandma’s Donut Holes had us licking our lips here at Fotolia and we thought we’d take the opportunity to share it with you.

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Increasing creative output using time-saving methods

t Fotolia we are constantly striving to improve the user-experience for all our customers, helping them to save time and money, whether that be a freelancer or small business owner to large-scale corporate company.

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