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Go Nuts For These Donuts

Grandma Currie’s Donut Holes A valued food and drink photographer and regular contributor to Fotolia, Brent Hofacker was kind enough to share with us an old family recipe. His Grandma’s Donut Holes had us licking our lips here at Fotolia and we thought we’d take the opportunity to share it with you. Serving Size: 6 […]

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Increasing creative output using time-saving methods

t Fotolia we are constantly striving to improve the user-experience for all our customers, helping them to save time and money, whether that be a freelancer or small business owner to large-scale corporate company.

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Creativepool: Pool Party

Fotolia is thrilled to announce it is sponsoring the Creativepool: Pool Party on September 10th, where it will showcase the amazing international talent of the TEN Collection Artists from Seasons 1, 2 and 3.

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‘Fall’ in love, with some autumn foods

Long summer evenings, days spent basking in the sun, and tasty BBQ food is not going to be with us for much longer. As September approaches rapidly, we need to get ready for a drop in temperature, dark evenings, and grey skies. However, it’s not all bad – use the following foods when cooking, to get the mood boosting, health promoting, energy creating goodness that you need to make it through the Fall.

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Searching made easier

Fotolia this month had it’s 30 millionth image uploaded to the site securing its position as one of the leading stock image agencies in the world. To ensure our customers can easily find the image they’re looking for amongst others has now just been made even simpler.

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Hiroki Making Waves to Win the TEN Design Contest

July’s TEN Design Contest was themed around “Sports in the future” and attracted a host of talented artists. Coming out on top was Hiroki Ogasawara, an exceptional designer who has been inspired and attracted by TEN collections in the past.

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At One With Nature? Galyna Andrushko’s Perspective On Wild Side Photography

Coming from Dniepropestrovsk, one of the key industrial centres of the Ukraine is Galyna Andrushko – one of Fotolia’s most prominent suppliers of nature and landscape photography. We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Galyna to get an insight into her methods, her progress, and her success. On top of all this, we were able to identify the muse that always remains with her both offline and online.

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Creative Requests

Fotolia’s stock portfolio is one of the biggest in the world, containing over 30 million images ensuring that whatever a user’s brief is, they will find the relevant and appropriate image that match the local demands of what country they are working on behalf of.

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Instant Success

Smartphones are without a doubt the ultimate, universal accessory. In the last few years we’ve developed from relying time to time on our phones to feeling completely at loss and out of touch with the world without them.

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It’s all in the details

Many Fotolia users request images that they themselves would not be able to recreate, particularly images detailing situations in specific industries.

However, just because they cannot recreate the scenes in these images themselves does not mean that they are willing to sacrifice perfect attention to detail as well as the correct tools for the action being undertaken.

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