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How to cut our hair in Photoshop

Many of you familiar with Photoshop will know the difficulties that can come with cutting out hair in Photoshop – especially when it’s slightly unruly or in mid-’swish’. The guys over at Phlearn, the photoshop tutorial website have produced a dedicated, in-depth demonstration on how best to achieve the process using Fotolia images: Here’s the […]

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Best of September

September seemed to go by in a flash. The back to school and work month can take a bit of adjusting too after the summer holidays become a fond, yet distant memory. It doesn’t however appear to stop our amazing Contributors from uploading a variety of images taken all around the world. Our ‘best of’ […]

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Trick AND Treat: Halloween Contest!

Halloween is coming and our customers need your Halloween shots before mid-October. What sells best on the Instant Collection? You, your friends, your kids, dressed up as super heroes, spooky beings - keep it fun and creative. No studio needed: keep it real! The four best images selected by our fantastic jury on October 13th will be […]

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TEN and Instant Contests

We have four contests currently running at Fotolia to challenge your creative prowess as well as giving you the opportunity to win a selection of amazing prizes!

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Travel, take pictures and sell them to travel more

We caught up with the photography couple, Mathieu and Sandrine, whose portfolio specialises in, but is not limited to, food photography. In this interview we learnt all about their adventurous lifestyle, their methods, and a tasty French recipe.

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The September Issue

As Fashion Month approaches, the blogosphere generally goes into a frenzy of activity as designers, models and enthusiasts pass comment on collections, catwalks, and trends. Given the intensity and highly visual nature of fashion blogging, images are always in high demand – and luckily for you, Fotolia has the goods for the demand.

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The Visualisation of Information

One of the fastest growing trends we’ve seen over the past couple of years is the rise in the demand for infographics.

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Doodling Mr Vukotič

Illustrator Jaka Vukotič spent much of his time doing different drawings, illustrations, and cartoons, whilst growing up in a land transforming from socialist Yugoslavia to capitalist Slovenia. The radical socio-political shift from egalitarianism to consumerism has left Jaka with a belief that we no longer live culture. We consume it.

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Interview with duet #4 TEN Collection Photographer, Mikel Muruzabal

This month we were lucky enough to talk to Mikel Muruzabal, the photographer behind the last week’s collaboration piece in series 3 of the TEN project. We’ve had a sneak peek at the new piece and it was undeniably awesome so it was great chatting to one of the men behind it.

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How to bring your images to life using Cinemagraphs

TA Cinemagraph is a looped gif in which only a small part of the image is animated whilst the rest is motionless. They are a great way to add subtle details to what appear to be static images. In fact, they are not images at all but videos manipulated in Photoshop.

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