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New keywording tool in Fotolia’s Instant App – A Guide

Want to sell more pictures using our Fotolia Instant App? Used right, the new keywording tool is an effective short-cut for buyers to find your images.

If you’re like most contributors you’ll submit multiple pictures of a subject. But typing the same keywords over and over again when uploading images is time-consuming and boring, and means great pictures are often let down by less-than-great keywording.

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HP and Fotolia help reinvent Interior Design

Blank, empty walls – ugh! So boring! Nothing to see every day but the same color in every direction. Won’t someone save us from this monotonous vista?

Yes, Fotolia and HP will!

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Instant App-titude: Image Post-production

Welcome to our first Instant App-titude article! This ongoing series will look at taking great pictures, offering tips and recommendations to help you get the very best results.

This week, Fotolia’s Morgan David de Lossy is taking a look at post-production photo apps. Over to you, Morgan…

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Fotolia Instant Tip #10: Avoiding the Blur

Blurring happens when you are out of focus or move too much when taking a picture. As a result, photos can come out smudged and unclear. This happens a lot when people use Smartphones rather than regular DSLRs. It’s also a no-no for uploading images to the Fotolia Instant collection.  Luckily, there are ways to […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #9: Use the Built-in Flashlight!

Not only does the Fotolia Instant app allow you to toggle the Flash on and off, there is also a very useful Flashlight option! This flashlight option gives you the opportunity to take your time and adjust the exposure as you need it before capturing your scene. No more surprises like glare from reflective surfaces […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #8: Locking the Camera Exposure

Professional photographers will attest to this tip as many likely use this on a day to day basis with their DSLRs. It’s called Auto-Exposure Lock or AEL for short. To understand how it can help you with your Instant photos, you need to understand a few things. To produce a great photo, the right exposure […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #7: Filter Built for Stock

  One of the current phoneography trends is to add a filter – or several of them. This is great for personal shots you want to make artful, but truth be told, the filters currently offered are actually counterproductive to anyone wanting to sell their images as stock, because they reduce the image quality. So, […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #6: Capture Moments. Not Just Photos.

Our team work vigorously, inspecting thousands of images every day to find the best stock photos for our collection. But keep this in mind -with the Instant Collection, we strive to provide something completely different: Moments. Moments are the random acts of kindness that strangers offer each other. The last peaceful sigh you take when […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #5: Model Releases

If you are new to stock photography and looking to take your phoneography to serious levels, one important aspect to learn about is the Model Release. The Model Release is a form that allows the model to give you legal permission to use their likeness in your photos for commercial purposes. This is important, as […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #4: Keywording

Keywording has never been easier on a mobile app. If you’re new to selling stock, keywording is used to classify your photos and make it easier for customers to find your photos. Keywords can be colours, people, things, and places – anything that appears in your photos. The first few words you choose are the […]

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