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Kuler Mobile App Explored

Photoshop Guru Eric Reno, aka Tip Squirrel gives his verdict on the web-based app from Adobe, ‘Kuler’.

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If you’re reading the Fotolia blog, chances are you’re knowledgeable enough about photography to know of the iPhone and Android app that has become synonymous with it – Instagram.

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Wimbledon’s on its way!

The 2012 Olympics gave London an unprecedented summer of sporting activity. That is, until now…

Not only will World Cup fever take over our screens but Wimbledon is upon us once again

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New Fotolia iPad app launches

It’s official – we’ve officially launched a new iPad app! This fun and intuitive app helps users to search, download, and share royalty-free images from Fotolia’s 28 million creative files with just one click.

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Spring’s Sprung!

It’s official – Spring is finally in the air, and here at Fotolia we can’t be the only ones throwing our hats and scarves in the air to welcome the warmer days and shorter nights!

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$5,000 Mobile Photography Contest

Fotolia, creators of the innovative Instant Collection, have announced an amazing giveaway opportunity of cashable Credits!

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Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day is a month away and whether you’re someone who has the date etched into their brain or someone who, purposefully or not, forgets it, Fotolia is making finding the perfect image a lot easier with our Valentines’ Cheat Sheet.

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Monochrome in Malaysia

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir Nordin is 39 and lives in Kajang Selangor, Malaysia with his wife and two children. He began uploading pictures to Fotolia’s Instant Collection earlier this year, and his atmospheric black and white images, often rather lonely and magical, have won him many admirers – not least here in the Fotolia offices! […]

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Puddle Visions

There are beautiful pictures to be taken in the middle of the urban jungle, says New York journalist and Instant Collection Contributor Erik Larson – and you don’t need a DSLR to capture them. Erik spoke to Fotolia about capturing the beauty of the city on an iPhone 5 and using the Fotolia Instant Collection […]

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Fotolia Instant Tip #6: Capture Moments. Not Just Photos.

Our team work vigorously, inspecting thousands of images every day to find the best stock photos for our collection. But keep this in mind -with the Instant Collection, we strive to provide something completely different: Moments. Moments are the random acts of kindness that strangers offer each other. The last peaceful sigh you take when […]

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