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Fotolia vs Advertising – Fruit Lickin’ Campaigns

OK it’s not the same fruit (a strawberry on Fotolia, a tomato in advertisements), but this is exactly the same concept using the same visual identity. And what a tasty lookalike! The first campaign was for the “Swiss fresh burger”, and the second one is from a Swiss advertising campaign. Is it inspiring, plagiarising, or a fruit smoothie mix? I’m not sure; the fruit got my tongue!

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Hit The Slopes

There are two types of Winter person. Those who at the sight of snow can think of nothing else other than slipping into salopettes and heading for the mountains to enjoy a spot of skiing or snowboarding. And those who want to curl back into bed and hibernate until Summer’s back upon us.

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Winter sandman

Some would love it to be Christmas all year. In advertising, it would seem that this is the case. Is it an effect of global warming? There is a danger that this idea appears more and more often. From automotive to cosmetics to tour operators, the idea quietly goes on its merry way.

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Visual Trends 2015

With over 34 million images on Fotolia and over 5 million users we have been able to analyze not only the trends that have transpired over the course of time, but also ones that look set forth to emerge in the forthcoming year.

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Dream Big

We came across Portland, Oregon native Rob Woodcox who at 19 discovered photography in 2009. Now 24 he started pursuing a full time photography career one year ago. His surreal portraits portfolio already contains captivating and poetic pieces of artwork and we absolutely love them. This vagabond spirit “loves creating vivid stories sewn by the threads of reality, memory, and dream”. A beautiful sentiment that truly is encapsulated in his work. We’ve chosen some of our favourite shots below to share with you. Enjoy!

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The urban explorations of phoneographers

New photographers do not all have an SLR camera, and their hunting grounds are not necessarily located in the most photogenic areas. Yet the territory: the city, their city. Their tool: a simple smartphone. Their name: phoneographers. During their urban explorations, they capture the lights, the perspectives and details of a contemporary architecture and as a result offer us a different point of view.

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You Are Here

Well-known by internet users and by all those who have their head in the stars, the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield captivated us in 2013, sharing on Twitter his everyday life, and a lot of pictures and videos, taken from the International Space Station.

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Capture Chilling Halloween Images

Don’t forget, we’ve extended our Halloween Contest! Our customers need your Instant Collection Halloween shots! The four best images selected by our fantastic jury by the 28th of October will be used in the Halloween promotion Fotolia sends to its customers.

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Life documented behind the lens

We love talking to our Contributors, gaining an insight into their business and creative mindsets and based on the popularity of posts where we interview photographers we wanted to share some of our favourite movies and documentaries chronicling the lives and works of some the world’s most notable, inspirational and sometimes controversial photographers.

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Prepare for a scare

Halloween is fast approaching and we’ve got some of the best spook-a-licious images to send a shiver through your designs. We’ve got a selection of eerie galleries to help select the images you need more efficiently in preparation.

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