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Visual Trends 2015

With over 34 million images on Fotolia and over 5 million users we have been able to analyze not only the trends that have transpired over the course of time, but also ones that look set forth to emerge in the forthcoming year. Stock imagery has traditionally been considered to be relatively stable however as […]

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Fotolia vs Advertising – On everyone’s lips

Welcome to Joe la Pompe, a French coincidences hunter in advertising since 1999. On his blog, Joe la Pompe collects any twin-advertising concepts, any idea that has been done more than once for any reason (coincidence, copycat, etc.).

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24 Days of Fotolia: don’t miss out!

We’re giving away 24 free images from our 33 million strong stock library in the run up to Christmas. Simply head to Facebook or Google+ to ensure you don’t miss out!

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Fotolia joins Adobe!

Today we are glad to announce that Fotolia has decided to join Adobe, the global leader in digital media solutions.

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The 24 Days of Fotolia

24 days of Fotolia – 24 reasons to say thank you!

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Best of November

Despite the holiday season approaching at record pace and priorities shifting from work to the prospect of holiday anticipation and preparations it has not prevented the influx of original, captivating and creatively diverse images from being uploaded to Fotolia.

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Best of October

Anyone else unable to believe how quickly October has gone? One of our favourite jobs comes the end of the month is putting together the ‘Best of’ galleries but it s by no means not an easy one, there being so many fantastic images to choose from!

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Christmas is Coming

Christmas, as always, suddenly seems to come around every year even quicker than before and this year is proving no different. We’re already seeing festive images increase in popularity around October and November as clients start to find seasonal deadlines approaching hence why it now key for you to get your Christmas themed images uploaded to the site.

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Best of September

September seemed to go by in a flash. The back to school and work month can take a bit of adjusting too after the summer holidays become a fond, yet distant memory. It doesn’t however appear to stop our amazing Contributors from uploading a variety of images taken all around the world.

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Travel, take pictures and sell them to travel more

We caught up with the photography couple, Mathieu and Sandrine, whose portfolio specialises in, but is not limited to, food photography. In this interview we learnt all about their adventurous lifestyle, their methods, and a tasty French recipe.

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