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Creative upycling: new life for our pictures (and a raffle!)

There are images you just cannot stop looking at. What could be more natural than giving them a second life? We’re setting a good example by resurrecting our trade fair decorations in the shape of beautiful, individual, handmade bags – upcycling at its finest! What’s in it for you we hear you ask? Well, you can win one!

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Terms and Conditions of the competition

Fotolia organized as part of a promotion the contest “Photoshop CC” and provides for subsequent prize available: Ten E-Books “Photoshop CC” by Lesa Snider.

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Instant Success

Smartphones are without a doubt the ultimate, universal accessory. In the last few years we’ve developed from relying time to time on our phones to feeling completely at loss and out of touch with the world without them.

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Contest Closing July 31st!

Have you entered our TEN Collection Contest yet? There’s only five days left to challenge July’s TEN design duo, and with amazing prizes to be won you’ve no excuse not to!

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Creative Contests: Take Your Pic’!

We have four awesome contests currently running at Fotolia to challenge your creative prowess as well as giving you the opportunity to win a fantastic selection of amazing prizes!

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TEN Collection S3 Interview with Nik Ainley

One surprising thing about digital illustrator Nik Ainley, half of May’s TEN design duo, is his background.

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TEN Collection S3 Interview with Paul Ripke

Hamburg-based photographer Paul Ripke is a self-confessed autodidact, having never formally studied his craft – he’s completely self-taught.

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Sports in the Future: over to you

Win fantastic prizes by challenging this month’s TEN collaborative design duo: German photographer Paul Ripke and British digital illustrator Nik Ainley.

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TEN Contest winners for May

Who are the winners of Fotolia’s TEN S3 contest for May…?

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What does Health 2.0 look like?

There are just a few days left to enter our two TEN Collection, Season 3 contests which closes on May 31st!

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