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Spot on!

Our friends at Phlearn, the awesome professional photoshop tutorial site have been using some of Fotolia’s images in their brilliant video tutorials!

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The Cream of Catalan

Following on from Marti Sans Gallardo’s interview we asked him to share a unique recipe from his native land: Catalan Cream, a sweet cream dessert made of milk and egg, scented with cinnamon and lemon, and served with a burnt sugar crunch topping.

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Photoshop: what’s new?

Anyone that’s used the radial blur will love the new Spin Blur. No more guessing where the centre is plus the spin amount can be added on the fly. Again multiple blurs can be added to a single image.

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Photography 411: Orientation and viewpoint

t might seem obvious, which way up to hold your camera, but there’s a lot more to orientation and viewpoint than simply not taking too many pictures of your feet.

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Cooking With A Camera

My name is Kosta and I’ve been asked to write a blog post for Fotolia about one of my favorite (and most photogenic) recipes.

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WARNING – delicious images ahead!

Because Fotolia has such a fantastic selection of beautiful and tasty-looking food photos we’re often asked for the recipes of these delicious dishes. So, we asked top Fotolia food contributor Ruth Black to supply us with the recipe behind one of her best-selling images: the black forest cupcake.

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Eric Pare’s Light Painting Tutorial

Based on March’s TEN Design Duo’s video tutorial here’s a brief summary of Photographer Eric Pare’s tips and recommendations to get you started in the form of light painting photography.

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Make light work of light paintings!

Q: What’s bang on trend, widely popular, and simply everywhere these days?

A: Light paintings! These beautiful abstract artworks are among the top photography topics of the moment.

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New keywording tool in Fotolia’s Instant App – A Guide

Want to sell more pictures using our Fotolia Instant App? Used right, the new keywording tool is an effective short-cut for buyers to find your images.

If you’re like most contributors you’ll submit multiple pictures of a subject. But typing the same keywords over and over again when uploading images is time-consuming and boring, and means great pictures are often let down by less-than-great keywording.

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Indexing Images To Sell – A Fotolia Guide

What is indexing?
Indexing simply means to “tag” (or label) images with keywords that describe what they contain, e.g., an image of a big red ship would be tagged big red ship.
Not even the most amazing pictures will sell if no one can find them. Follow these guidelines and the chances of selling your images with Fotolia will be much improved.

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