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Month January, 2012

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deviantART’s “7 Deadly Sins” contest is a wrap

In a competition of epic proportions, graphic designers battled it out in the Seven Deadly Sins contest. Fotolia and deviantART challenged graphic designers to use three Fotolia stock images to forge the best depiction of the sin of their choice. Designs covered all the seven sins, which are greed, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth, envy, and […]

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Fotolia’s new art-inspired stock photography collection

We’ve teamed up with deviantART to create a collection of amazing images we’re sure will blow you away! We wanted to provide you with a top of line gallery that spans a multitude of cool categories and themes. And then we made it happen. Not only does the collection feature over 3,000 images, but the […]

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A Car of Many Colors

This month’s tutorial is courtesy of our friends at Deke.com. You can view the original article here.    If you’ve ever seen a Photoshop demo, you’ve probably watched someone change the color of a car (or other object) using the well-worn method of targeting and shifting colors with the Hue/Saturation command. Problem is, while this technique […]

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New TEN Collection PSD comes out tomorrow!

Last month, we kicked off Ten with Soemone and the response was overwhelming. With close to 17,000 downloads in 24 hours across the globe, we’re pleased to say that the premiere was a huge success! We’re excited to present you this month’s artist,  Xavier Bourdil. Hailing from Paris, he takes on the alias of “Trust […]

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