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Month June, 2007

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Fotolia V2: What has changed?

LogoWe are very pleased to announce the newest version of Fotolia passionately referred to as V2. We have been working on this new version for about one year. The design stayed pretty much the same but we totally rebuilt the underlying architecture and code of the website to increase stability, performances and functionality.
We hope this will help Fotolia become a major player in the stock image industry.

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Fotolia Accepts Vectors

Adding to Fotolia’s popular collection of bitmap images (jpeg photography), Fotolia now supports vector illustrations. Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images. One main advantages of this kind of graphic is that Vectors are made from a series of mathematical curves that will print sharply even when resized.

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Fotolia introduces Small Standard RF License

New license and pricing update.

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