If you are looking for a little direction or inspiration then read these photography ideas.

So I have been thinking about new creative ways that I can approach my photography in the next couple of weeks and I came up with a few ideas I wanted to share with you. Call them self assignments.

  • First stop using the auto everything button on my camera. Ok I get lazy sometimes and these auto buttons just make life simple but often make my work boring.
  • Second consider limiting f stops to only f 5.6 or wider. This will limit my depth of field and force me to be more selective with my shooting.
  • Third and this is one I have really wanted to try for some time, consider shooting everything out of focus. You can decide just how much out of focus you want. This will force you to look at color, shapes, and contrast differently.
  • Last of all shoot every day! No excuse, its digital, its free!
    I hope this helps inspire your photography for the next few weeks it will for me. Let us know how it goes.