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Month April, 2005

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Forms of payment available

To buy credits, Fotolia offers several options: By Paypal account [Learn More] By bank card (VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMEX) Moneybookers learn more Click and Buy http://www.clickandbuy.com/US/en/ Wire transfer for amounts over 300 credits contact us to learn more To obtain credits, you can also sell photographs on Fotolia. To get more information on pricing, please […]

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Question 1 Explanation: Exclusivity

When a photographer uploads an image to Fotolia, they determine how the image will be sold. This is decided by answering two simple questions. This article discusses the issue of exclusivity in question number one. Question 1 Do you wish to give Fotolia exclusivity on the sale of this photograph? Yes No By granting Fotolia […]

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What is the Standard Royalty Free License?

The standard royalty free license defines the conditions of use for most photographs downloaded from the website.

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What are the different licenses available on Fotolia?

Fotolia offers a license for just about every buyers needs. Each license defines how and where you can use the image.

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Is the Fotolia membership really free?

Yes, the Fotolia membership is completely free. Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, private person or large corporation you pay nothing to join Fotolia. We only ask that you agree to the following conditions: You must be at least 18 years old You must agree to the terms and conditions of the website […]

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Rights: Trademark Representation

Certain photographs submitted to Fotolia are not accepted because they contain company trade marks and intellectually property which are strictly regulated by the patent laws. To help inform you about trademarks and intellectual property Fotolia suggests the following advice, precautions, and solutions regarding trademarks before submitting photographs to Fotolia. What is a trade mark? Intellectual […]

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Representative and conceptual categories

While indexing the photograph the photographer is offered two systems of classifying the image; Representative and Conceptual. Representative categories This field is required. Photographers must choose from the category fields that correspond with the more literal representation of the image. For example, if a photographer wishes to submit a photograph of a light bulb, they […]

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Fotolia uses IPTC standard

The IPTC logo means Fotolia supports IPTC information. IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Council) is an organization that was created in 1965 charged to develop and promote standards for image data exchange bound for the press. IPTC metadata is information that allows photographers to describe and to document image files. IPTC information is encapsulated inside the […]

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Indexing photographs: choosing key words

The best way for a photograph to be found in the Fotolia database is to automatically identify and index the contents of the photograph. A Fotolia photograph with a large and accurate list of key words increases the chance for a buyer to research, identify, and select the photograph for purchase. The key words represent […]

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How does the credit system work?

Rather than using a bank card each time a photograph is selected and purchased, Fotolia offers a valuable and time saving system based on the use of credits. Our credit system allows buyers to purchase multiple credits with one payment via bank card or Paypal. It is also possible to acquire credits from the sale […]

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