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Month March, 2005

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Things I Wish Somebody Told Me…

Things I Wish Somebody Told Me When I Got My First Digital Camera by Jerry Whiting.
Jerry is a Seattle Washington artist and friend who has more engery and passion for photography than most people I know. Most of Jerry’s work is found street photography and flowers. This is the first of many articles written by Jerry about digital photography. Enjoy.

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Men of Mark

Men of Mark created by Alvin Langdon Coburn is a very rare book of famous portraits.

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Color Management Overview

(sample color gamut)
What is this color management thing I hear so much about? Why don’t my prints match my monitor? Learn about digital photography and how color management can improve your image.

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Are you a Lazy Digital Photographer?

Digtal Photography has made photographers lazy. Photographers need to remember how to work for great images. This article has a few simple tips.

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Copyright Protection or Abandonment

Did you know that you might lose your copyright protection? The US Government is currently reviewing ideas that just might cut off your copyrights and place your work in public domain.

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Copyright Law

This article is a brief overview of the Copyright Act of 1976 as it applies to photographers today.

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What is IPTC

People are taking more pictures every year. Sorting through all these images can be very difficult without the proper catalog system. For the professional photographer lost images can mean lost revenue. In the 1970’s a catalog system was created called the IPTC (international Press Telecommunications Council). This standard was established to help combine the text […]

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Model Release

You enjoy taking pictures and love hearing the praise of others. At some point you might even try to sell your images. Selling your work for commercial purposes opens the doors to great financial reward but also includes new challeges when it comes to pictures of people. When you take a picture of a model, […]

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