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Creating Stars in Photoshop

This week, Eric Renno, aka Tip Squirrel demonstrates how to create stars in Photoshop…..

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Free Images of the Week: Relaxation

Sit back and relax. Breathe deep and enjoy this week’s three images, available to download completely for free until 11.59pm on Sunday, 8th March. This week’s images are all based on relaxation, images perfect for portraying spa activities and a tranquil sense of karma.

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Best of February

February is the shortest month of the calendar year and yet this hasn’t reduced the amount of incredible images being uploaded to Fotolia. Still in Winter although with Spring swiftly approaching the content featured mirrors this transitional seasonal change. Nods to the the warmer months impending; bare legs and juicy strawberries combined with the crisp coolness of Winter’s offering of snow frosted landscapes and bobble hat encased people consolidate February’s ‘Best of’ gallery.E

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Nothing new under the sun?

A new episode from Joe La Pompe; the coincidences hunter in advertising…

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Sun Chasers

Kevin and Pascal are two friends from Germany making their mark in the stock video footage market place. Not only does their business, Photolyric, enable them to chase the sunshine year round but pursue in addition their love of visual media. We were lucky to get a chance to speak with them (although sadly we weren’t able to visit them whilst on location in Cape Town!)…..

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Smartphone trends

When we speak of smartphone trends it’s referring to what type of imagery sells, not about what type of images are taken. Otherwise we’d be here all day talking cats, cappuccino foam and selfies.

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Anchor up!

Nautical is arguably an ever-present design and advertising trend, whether it be in fashion, interiors, pop culture, even body art. It is a trend that has the capacity to expand beyond visual aesthetic. It represents a multi-faceted view of ways of life and style– whether that be wholesome, traditional, cheeky, fun, conservative, whimsical, sporty, sexy or classic to name a few.

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Free Images of the Week: Spring

It’s hard to imagine for most of us that we’re fast approaching the season of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. With most of the US experiencing one of the most prolonged coldest winters on record thanks to a frigid blast descending from Siberia, and Europe blanketed in an ever-present drizzle it’s high time we added some colour to the grey hues of February.

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Search, like a Pro

When searching for that iconic photo that embodies the essence of your business, remember to keep your target audience in mind. Try to ensure the people you are communicating with are represented in your images. Primarily, you have to illustrate the obvious- elderly people for a retirement home, or people hiking for an expedition group. But also try to see this as an opportunity to communicate the values of your company. Choose an image that clearly tells your story./a>

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Best of 2014

The stock image industry has seen some massive changes over the past few years and a 2014 was a pivotal year in terms of the variety of images uploaded. The notion that it is just a marketplace for high-quality corporate imagery perfect for business needs has changed dramatically. Stock imagery has diversified and as more businesses find their budgets cut more, clients are increasingly turning to stock agencies for all types of visuals.

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