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Fotolia vs Advertising – Wholehearted

Joe La Pompe, a French coincidence hunter has been searching for parallel design and creative concepts since 1999. On his blog, Joe La Pompe collects any twin-advertising concepts, any idea that has been done more than once for any reason (coincidence, plagiarism, fashion etc.).

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2014 Instant Collection Winners – 2nd and 3rd

Yesterday we published the two winners of the Instant Contest for the most downloaded image of 2014 on an iOS and Android device. Today we announce those who came a super close second and third, and, as can be imagined for images that have been downloaded tens and hundreds of times, they are fantastic!

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2014 Instant Contest Winners

We are extremely delighted to announce the much-anticipated winners of the best-selling Instant Collection image for 2014 taken on iOS and Android device.

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Zooming in: Stock Rocket

We are Stock Rocket, a photo studio located in Novi Sad, Serbia. As a team that really enjoys their job, we love to hang out with other creatives who also take pleasure in making great things in their own way. Stock Rocket was established to bring together a group of creative people who would participate in the process of making outstanding photos, suitable for use in a variety of commercial purposes. Searching the web for leading agencies that sell stock photos, we found out that Fotolia is one of the strongest market leaders in this field, so we decided to become a contributor of this prestigious stock agency.

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Visual Trends For Clients 2015

With over 35 million images on Fotolia and over 5 million users we are able to not only analyze the trends that have emerged over the course of time, but also ones that look set forth to arise for this forthcoming year.

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TEN Treats – S3 Finale

The TEN Collection Season 3 officially came to an end in December with its final contest, confirming your talent and enthusiasm for this project. In order to thank all of your for your support and appreciation as well as fulfilling your yearning for learning, we’re offering you one final chance to download the five artworks from our collaborative partnerships in true TEN Collection style, for free, for 24 hours.

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Fotolia vs Advertising – Fruit Lickin’ Campaigns

OK it’s not the same fruit (a strawberry on Fotolia, a tomato in advertisements), but this is exactly the same concept using the same visual identity. And what a tasty lookalike! The first campaign was for the “Swiss fresh burger”, and the second one is from a Swiss advertising campaign. Is it inspiring, plagiarising, or a fruit smoothie mix? I’m not sure; the fruit got my tongue!

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Illustrated or Comic Style in Photoshop

A note from Eric, aka Tip Squirrel our super on-hand Photoshop Guru is that this tutorial is aimed at the intermediate to expert user and does assume some prior knowledge in Photoshop. Here he explains how to create an illustrated or comic style in Photoshop. Over to you Eric……

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FOTOLIA UPDATE: HD Videos Worth 5 Times More To Your Rank

Increase your ranking and commission faster when selling videos!

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We’re a week into 2015 and we’re wondering how many of you have so far kept your New Year’s resolutions? If you have, congrats, we envy your resilience. If you haven’t managed to, or thought better of making some in the first place you knew you’d never be able to keep, then join the queue. We have however got a New Year’s resolution you can however keep that’s fun, perfect for storing memories and can potentially earn you money.

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