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Dream Big

We came across Portland, Oregon native Rob Woodcox who at 19 discovered photography in 2009. Now 24 he started pursuing a full time photography career one year ago. His surreal portraits portfolio already contains captivating and poetic pieces of artwork and we absolutely love them. This vagabond spirit “loves creating vivid stories sewn by the […]

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Re-Touch and Enhance

Eric Renno, aka Tip Squirrel’s tutorial focuses on one of the most popular means of using Photoshop, using retouching to enhance photos. Over to you Eric…… In this tutorial we’ll take a look at a way we can reduce darkening around and below the eyes. Disclaimer: When I come to write these tutorials I, of […]

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Fotolia vs Advertising – On everyone’s lips

Welcome to Joe la Pompe, a French coincidences hunter in advertising since 1999. On his blog, Joe la Pompe collects any twin-advertising concepts, any idea that has been done more than once for any reason (coincidence, copycat, etc.).

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A Family Affair

Luca Santilli, an Italian Contributor who is rapidly approaching emerald ranking on Fotolia, is a self-taught photographer who truly epitomises the entrepreneurial freedom the stock industry allows.

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24 Days of Fotolia: don’t miss out!

We’re giving away 24 free images from our 33 million strong stock library in the run up to Christmas. Simply head to Facebook or Google+ to ensure you don’t miss out!

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Fotolia joins Adobe!

Today we are glad to announce that Fotolia has decided to join Adobe, the global leader in digital media solutions.

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Ruby Ranking for Fotolia Contributor Olly

Today we pay tribute to a new milestone in Fotolia ranking of a great photographer, internationally known in the Microstock world: Andrea Piacquadio aka Olly, who recently, and most deservedly achieved ruby status!

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Fifth TEN S3 Contest Winners Announcement

We are extremely excited to announce the winners of the fifth (and final!) instalment of the TEN Collection Season 3 Contest.

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The urban explorations of phoneographers

New photographers do not all have an SLR camera, and their hunting grounds are not necessarily located in the most photogenic areas. Yet the territory: the city, their city. Their tool: a simple smartphone. Their name: phoneographers. During their urban explorations, they capture the lights, the perspectives and details of a contemporary architecture and as a result offer us a different point of view.

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Little NY

New York is a city that is on most people’s wish lists to visit. Lisa Combs, who’s lucky enough to live there, encapsulates the essence of New York in her stunning photography ensuring that for those of us not lucky enough to live there, we can still be inspired by the magnificent city.

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