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Interview : Tiero

Tiero is an Italian digital designer who specializes in 3D.
A Silver member at Fotolia, his portfolio mainly focuses on architecture, design and technical still life. He often mixes renders and photographs to shape a unique style.

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World’s favourite images?

Fotolia and one of our valued contributors recently collaborated on an editorial which showcased one of our top selling images over the last 6 months. The article is published in Creative Reviews’ April 2010 issue currently on sale.

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Amir Kaljikovic

Amir Рone of Fotolia’s top sellers Рlives in Salzburg, Austria, and works as a Software engineer for a car company. Amir is what we call a natural talent and learnt all about cameras and photography on his own. His passion is beauty & lifestyle photography. Amirs Fotolia career started in 2006 and shows more than 26.000 sold images so far. Amir is an exclusive contributor with a Gold Rank.

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Kim Taylor’s Interview and Eye Candy

(photo of Kim Taylor)
See the works of Canadian photographer Kim Taylor. Oh and don’t forget to read the article.

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