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Isolate Hair by using the Hide-Function

The isolation of objects is an obligation – the isolation of hair is a challenge. Using the Hide-Function in Color-Range is the most effective and fastest way to do so. | Doc Baumann (www.docma.info)

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UK IP Rights – The Gower Review

Every photographer should know about this: the most wide ranging review into UK intellectual property for nearly 20 years has failed to recommend key changes proposed by photographer groups, while it advocates a UK equivalent to the controversial US “orphan works” bill.

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Shutterfly and Crest launch Crest Whitestrips Holiday Smiles Photo Contest

Crest teams up with Shutterfly.com for holiday photo contest.

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3D Photoshop Clouds

Create 3D clouds from a N-Sane.net tutorial.

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Starting a Business in Nude Photography

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Considering starting a business in Nude photography? Read this first.

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Digital Infrared Photography: Make Stunning Photos with Invisible Light

Alexandra Morrison shares her tips on digital infrared photography. Check it out below!

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Tips to Improve Digital Photos

Simple tips to reduce the stress and frustration of poor digital photography experiences.

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Net Operating Loss and Your Photography Business

With tax season here I thought you might enjoy this little bit of tax information. As a photographer you just might be able to get a refund from prior or future years.

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Photography Tips (Part 2)

In part 2 of the photography tips article we will address color and exposure. Digital cameras and even your basic film cameras have traditionally controlled both of these functions. By learning how to control these functions and the impact they can have on your images will help you improve the final photograph. The better your […]

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Photography Tips (Part 1)

With digital photography on the rise more and more pictures are being taken each year. Did you know that the average digital camera snap shots can become works of art? Some think you have to spend thousands of dollars to create great pictures. Regardless of the camera you buy the rules for good photography still […]

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