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TEN Collection S3 : Interview with Eric Pare

Eric Pare lives in Montreal, Canada, where he makes a living from light painting, bullet time, and stop motion photography – he’s even made a documentary about them called LightSpin.

It’s a very new discipline, and Eric is one of its foremost practitioners – but he even says he relies “mostly on practice, instinct and luck to create my pictures”.

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Displacement and Break Effects

Learn to use various displacement effects on a model to change their appearance dramatically. In this tutorial we will take a stock photo of a dancer and make it appear as if she is breaking apart; as if she is being eroded and shattered in places, while some of her body will be displaced. We […]

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Winners of Adobe Achievement Awards

Adobe Announces Winners of 2005 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Photo by Micah Ganske.

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Adobe and Macromedia

Adobe will acquire Macromedia for $3.4 Billion.

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New Adobe Photoshop CS2

Photoshop keeps getting better each year. With this recent release Photoshop improved workflow seems to be the focus of this software. Of course you pay top dollar for these features $599 US.

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Adobe Photographer Directory

Adobe and ASMP build photographer directory together inthe popular Adobe creative products.

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