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$5000 Instant App Competition

Highlights from this week’s Instant Collection uploads!

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Seize your chance in the TEN Contest!

Q: What’s bang on trend, widely popular, and simply everywhere these days?

A: Light paintings! These beautiful abstract artworks are among the top photography topics of the moment.

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Fotolia in Cape Town

Somehow, while compiling our Fotolia local guides to world cities – Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Seoul, Rome, and Tokyo – we’ve managed to miss out the half of the world below the equator!

Apologies to all of our lovely southern hemisphere friends, and let’s start to remedy that with a look at South Africa’s beautiful Cape Town!

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Silicon Valley Visions

Vlad Kryhin lives in California – a place he loves because of the sheer diversity of its landscapes and ecology, something Vlad knows more than a little about! He originally came to California from Belarus, on the other side of the world, and has seen most of the sights in-between these two places.

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The Storyteller of Stock

Stephan was one of Fotolia’s top contributors of 2013 – quite an achievement when you remember that Fotolia has 250,000 global contributors! He generously agreed to answer some questions for us and offer his advice for achieving success in stock.

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Generation Photography

Jelena Jovanovic is one of Fotolia’s top contributors. Based in Serbia, we asked her about getting started in the stock photography industry, what inspires her, and any tips or recommendations she could give other contributors.

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Delicate Beauty: Japanese Art

Misao Noya works in a variety of different media, producing stock images and illustrations of an unusually delicate beauty. Is it because she’s from Japan? Is it because she’s a woman? Is it because she’s a Japanese Woman? We asked her…

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Fotolia in Tokyo

We’ve been busy compiling our Fotolia local guides to world cities – visiting Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Seoul, and Rome, but now we’re tackling a city which inspires awe and wonder among even the most seasoned travelers – Tokyo!

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Keep It Simple – talking to Tom Malyska

Tom Malyska is one of Fotolia’s very best-selling illustrators in his home country of Germany. How does he do it? Why does he do it? We sent our top reporter, Rene Bosch, on a mission to find out…

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TEN Collection S3 : Interview with Eric Pare

Eric Pare lives in Montreal, Canada, where he makes a living from light painting, bullet time, and stop motion photography – he’s even made a documentary about them called LightSpin.

It’s a very new discipline, and Eric is one of its foremost practitioners – but he even says he relies “mostly on practice, instinct and luck to create my pictures”.

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