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How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Our friends over at Photoshop tutorial website Phlearn have kindly shared another awesome video tutorial with us where they demonstrate how to whiten teeth using Photoshop using images from Fotolia to demonstrate.

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The Holiday Job

What makes a fantastic portfolio on Fotolia is variety. Particularly when it comes to sequential narratives; telling a story by images. Fotolia Contributor Mila Supinskaya is a great example of a Fotolia Contributor whose work exemplifies this. We were lucky enough to speak with her this month to find out more about her journey into the world of stock photography and where it will take her next.

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Off With A Bang

There’s always an excuse for fireworks but this time of year there are some key festivities when there are more reasons to celebrate with some dynamite!

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Capture Chilling Halloween Images

Don’t forget, we’ve extended our Halloween Contest! Our customers need your Instant Collection Halloween shots! The four best images selected by our fantastic jury by the 28th of October will be used in the Halloween promotion Fotolia sends to its customers.

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The Art of Portrait Photography

Generally focused on the subjects face, although occasionally encompassing more of their body, portrait photography is the art of capturing a person’s mood, character and emotion in a photograph.

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Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a fantastic technique whereby the speed in which film frames are captured, otherwise known as the ‘frame rate’, is much slower to view the sequence in progress. It gives the ability for successions that are generally unapparent to the human eye to manifest them more prominently. Classic examples include clouds moving in […]

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Show us your City

Around 3.5 billion people live in cities worldwide and this number looks set forth to double by the year 2050. As the popularity of city living increases, as does the demand for images depicting cities and the people living there.

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Christmas is Coming

Christmas, as always, suddenly seems to come around every year even quicker than before and this year is proving no different. We’re already seeing festive images increase in popularity around October and November as clients start to find seasonal deadlines approaching hence why it now key for you to get your Christmas themed images uploaded to the site.

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Photoshop CC 2014: Flames Filter

Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel, our awesome guest Photoshop Guru is on hand again, this time to give us a fantastic, in-depth tutorial about how to use the flames filter on Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. Over to you Eric…..

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Life documented behind the lens

We love talking to our Contributors, gaining an insight into their business and creative mindsets and based on the popularity of posts where we interview photographers we wanted to share some of our favourite movies and documentaries chronicling the lives and works of some the world’s most notable, inspirational and sometimes controversial photographers.

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