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On the Move: Go Pro raises the stakes

You like to capture fun videoclips in the heat of the moment? You’re a fan of extreme sports? You sell your video clips on Fotolia? All three at once? So many good reasons to fall for an actioncam! Good news, GoPro, who popularized these miniature embedded cameras, has given a facelift to its famous range, ‘Hero’.

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Simplicity frees creativity.

We caught up with Eleonore, one of France’s and Fotolia’s most successful stock photographers who has already established a big presence using the Instant Collection, to gain an insight into her work and her work methods.

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iOS8 Editing

We’re super happy to have another post from our guest contributor, Photoshop Guru Eric Renno, aka Tip Squirrel. Over to you Eric!

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How to cut our hair in Photoshop

Many of you familiar with Photoshop will know the difficulties that can come with cutting out hair in Photoshop – especially when it’s slightly unruly or in mid-’swish’.

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Best of September

September seemed to go by in a flash. The back to school and work month can take a bit of adjusting too after the summer holidays become a fond, yet distant memory. It doesn’t however appear to stop our amazing Contributors from uploading a variety of images taken all around the world.

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Trick AND Treat: Halloween Contest!

Halloween is coming and our customers need your Halloween shots before mid-October.

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Food Photos: The Italian way

We got a chance to have a quick chat with one of Fotolia’s top selling food photography Contributors. Here he explains where he gets his influences from and what it is about food photography which inspires him. Over to you Marco…..

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We were extremely excited this year to be attending Photokina, the World’s largest Image Fair, held in Cologne, Germany. The five-day event brought together some of the top industry leaders looking to showcase the latest developments in photography as well as for consumers, looking to improve their skill sets and examine new products in the field.

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Use Your Loaf

We interviewed top French contributors Mathieu and Sandrine. We were so impressed with their delicious looking images that we asked them to share one of them. They kindly obliged.

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Travel, take pictures and sell them to travel more

We caught up with the photography couple, Mathieu and Sandrine, whose portfolio specialises in, but is not limited to, food photography. In this interview we learnt all about their adventurous lifestyle, their methods, and a tasty French recipe.

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