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If you’re reading the Fotolia blog, chances are you’re knowledgeable enough about photography to know of the iPhone and Android app that has become synonymous with it – Instagram.

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Snapseed: The Lowdown

In this article certified Photoshop expert Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel takes us through some of the functions of a free mobile app, Snapseed. Over to you Eric:
Snapseed has been around for a while and many readers may remember it as a desktop application produced by Niksoft. Google have since bought Niksoft and have incorporated the Snapseed engine into Google Plus as well as developing the mobile application.

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SAP Lumira partners with Fotolia

We’re extremely excited to announce that SAP has chosen Fotolia to be content partners. This partnership will enable SAP’s customers who are using Lumira to be able to search for Fotolia images to help present their data in a more visually appealing wayE

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Win $5000 – now open to Android users!

Double contest! $5000 prize for iPhone & $5000 for Android App users

Last week we launched the Fotolia Instant App for Android! The app, which is also available on iOS allows innovative snappers to shoot and sell their spontaneous smart phone images directly to Fotolia!

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Instant App: The Ultimate Accessory

Smartphones have become the ultimate accessory – how many people can honestly say that they don’t feel lost without theirs today?

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New Fotolia iPad app launches

It’s official – we’ve officially launched a new iPad app! This fun and intuitive app helps users to search, download, and share royalty-free images from Fotolia’s 28 million creative files with just one click.

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Create an Amazing Paint Explosion Image

This tutorial is quite short, but shows some really useful and worthwhile techniques.  This is the final image that is going to be created: Step 1: Create a new document and paste in a photo of a woman’s face. Make sure that it’s roughly centrally aligned. Step 2: Now grab an image of an ink […]

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It’s Better To Partner…

The PDF Chef has learned that a good partner like Fotolia can make a world of difference to delivering a vision.   A Partnership That Delivers On All Levels… PDF Chef’s partnership with Fotolia means they can now seamlessly deliver their envisaged end-to-end service by incorporating Fotolia’s extensive and high quality image library – complete […]

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Fotolia’s Industry-First Adobe Creative Suite Plugin Now Compatible with CS6

New York, NY/London,UK — May 10, 2012 — Fotolia’s Adobe Creative Suite plugin, which was originally released to the public in February 2012 for CS5, is now fully compatible with CS6, meaning that designers will continue to have instant access to Fotolia’s premium content. Developed by Silicon Publishing, the plugin was specifically designed to ease […]

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Fotolia Delivers Industry-First Plugin for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

London, February 21, 2012 – Silicon Publishing and Fotolia announced an exciting new plugin that incorporates over 16 million stock photos directly into Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS5 or newer) Compatible with Adobe Creative Suite versions 5 or newer, the plugin lets users browse, manage, and incorporate stock photos from Fotolia.com directly within Adobe’s CS5 (or […]

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