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Nikon DSLR Update Seminar – Free

Edinburgh & Glasgow – Interactive seminars for the benefit of all Nikon DSLR users. 24 January and 25 January 2007

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Leica M3 camera voted top gadget of all time

The Leica M3 camera has been voted top gadget of all time by gadget experts at ebay.co.uk and Stuff Magazine. Still a vote winner after more than 50 years!

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Hasselblad H3D

Hasselblad launch the world’s first 48mm Full Frame DSLR Camera System.

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Fujifilm Release Face Detection Technology

New Fuji F31FD Camera Launched with Face Detection Software

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The new Nikon D80 really CAN change your life!

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New Digital Cameras from Canon the 5D and EOS-1 Mark II N

New cameras from Canon (Canon 5D shown here)

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Developing World

Can a amateur with a digital camera compete with a professional photographer? Read more to find out!

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The Decline of Fashion

(photo by Irving Penn for the cover of Vogue)
Aiste, a new writer for Fotolia reviews the decline of fashion.

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Zotob Worm

Zotob Worm is running wild. Protect and fix your computer from the Zotob Worm.

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Cool new cameras from Fuji

Three new cameras from Fuji with eye popping features that professionals and beginners should look at. (Fuji S9000 shown here)

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