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Snapseed: The Lowdown

In this article certified Photoshop expert Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel takes us through some of the functions of a free mobile app, Snapseed. Over to you Eric:
Snapseed has been around for a while and many readers may remember it as a desktop application produced by Niksoft. Google have since bought Niksoft and have incorporated the Snapseed engine into Google Plus as well as developing the mobile application.

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Contest Closing July 31st!

Have you entered our TEN Collection Contest yet? There’s only five days left to challenge July’s TEN design duo, and with amazing prizes to be won you’ve no excuse not to!

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Surfing the Surreal!

Discover today’s free PSD to download from this talented duo, as well as the fascinating tutorial video revealing the secrets behind their image. Both creative files are available, as always, for 24 hours from 10am today: be sure not to miss them!

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The Golden Ratio

Understanding the golden ratio is key to unlocking the full potential of your pictures – master it and you’ll be halfway to becoming a great Jedi – er, sorry, I mean, photographer!

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Photography 411: Orientation and viewpoint

t might seem obvious, which way up to hold your camera, but there’s a lot more to orientation and viewpoint than simply not taking too many pictures of your feet.

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Top Tips: Instant Collection

In 7 months of activity and hundreds of thousand of pictures reviewed accepted and sold, we’ve gathered some precious tips about how to shoot a best seller mobile picture. But lets start with a few tips from our stars.

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Ten By Fotolia Season 2 – Watch Gustavo Brigante’s Tutorial.

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Due to unprecedented demand, The Gustavo Brigante PSD is now available for free for a further 24 hours from 10am this morning! Download the PSD here.   Don’t forget to watch Gustavo’s video too…

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Create bold, clean graphics and make art out of an eyesore.

Architect and graphic designer Andy Hau believes that you can barely move without seeing a sign telling you where you are, reminding what you can or can’t do or warning you what might be waiting around the corner, resulting in some of the most alien juxtapositions, especially in the countryside and places of natural beauty. […]

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Create an Amazing Paint Explosion Image

This tutorial is quite short, but shows some really useful and worthwhile techniques.  This is the final image that is going to be created: Step 1: Create a new document and paste in a photo of a woman’s face. Make sure that it’s roughly centrally aligned. Step 2: Now grab an image of an ink […]

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