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Ten By Fotolia Season 2 – Watch Gustavo Brigante’s Tutorial.

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Due to unprecedented demand, The Gustavo Brigante PSD is now available for free for a further 24 hours from 10am this morning! Download the PSD here.   Don’t forget to watch Gustavo’s video too…

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Create bold, clean graphics and make art out of an eyesore.

Architect and graphic designer Andy Hau believes that you can barely move without seeing a sign telling you where you are, reminding what you can or can’t do or warning you what might be waiting around the corner, resulting in some of the most alien juxtapositions, especially in the countryside and places of natural beauty. […]

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Create an Amazing Paint Explosion Image

This tutorial is quite short, but shows some really useful and worthwhile techniques.  This is the final image that is going to be created: Step 1: Create a new document and paste in a photo of a woman’s face. Make sure that it’s roughly centrally aligned. Step 2: Now grab an image of an ink […]

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It’s Better To Partner…

The PDF Chef has learned that a good partner like Fotolia can make a world of difference to delivering a vision.   A Partnership That Delivers On All Levels… PDF Chef’s partnership with Fotolia means they can now seamlessly deliver their envisaged end-to-end service by incorporating Fotolia’s extensive and high quality image library – complete […]

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Fotolia plugin for Adobe CS6

  Streamline your workflow with integrated access to Fotolia’s huge stock image database. Images: Couple on a beach © haveseen #40406413 http://www.fotolia.com/id/40406413 sea life card © nem4a #32626477 http://www.fotolia.com/id/32626477 Statue of Liberty © Perseomedusa #41521923 http://www.fotolia.com/id/41521923 Summer offer stickers. © Olena Pantiukh #32105352 http://www.fotolia.com/id/32105352 Finding the perfect image for your project just became easier – […]

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Simple but Amazing Space Age Photo Manipulation Effects

Space age cosmic photo manipulations have been popular for years and don’t look to be going out of style anytime soon. There is something inherently intriguing about mixing what is everyday to us with elaborate nebulas, star fields and planets. Typically this type of work is regarded as quite high-end, and something left to the […]

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Tutorial – Get the Liquid Emulsion effect

If you are interested in presenting your Photoshop work, it’s well worth investigating some traditional methods for inspiration. Traditional photographers have a wealth of different finishes and looks that can all be re-created in Photoshop to give your images an edge   We are looking at emulating the look of Liquid Emulsion. This is a […]

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Build a Pop Art Image

Cycle Haven 2011 Illustrator, Photoshop “This tutorial is all about creating an image with the use of collage, vectors and various textured techniques” – Neil Stevens Illustrator, image-maker. For this tutorial I have created an image that draws inspiration from Pop Artists – such as Richard Hamilton – and mixed this influence with my own […]

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Displacement and Break Effects

Learn to use various displacement effects on a model to change their appearance dramatically. In this tutorial we will take a stock photo of a dancer and make it appear as if she is breaking apart; as if she is being eroded and shattered in places, while some of her body will be displaced. We […]

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