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Social Media Ready

Am I or am I not allowed to use Fotolia images on social networks such as Facebook? Every now and then there is still confusion around this subject. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together the most important aspects to remember so you’re ready to go!

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Light Streaks

In this tutorial we’re going to add some lighting effects to give this image some movement and drama. The image I’m using is Street Style Dancer from Alexander Yakovlev . A little disclaimer here, although I love the image as is, it does make for a good subject for this tutorial though.

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Opening the Can of 3D

In this tutorial we’re going to take some tentative steps into the world of 3D. Photoshop has an amazing 3D section and it can be quite daunting, don’t worry though, in this tutorial we won’t be getting in too deep.

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Logo Idol

Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel, our fab guest Photoshop Guru is on hand again, this time to give us a detailed, step-by-step tutorial. Over to you Eric…..

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How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Our friends over at Photoshop tutorial website Phlearn have kindly shared another awesome video tutorial with us where they demonstrate how to whiten teeth using Photoshop using images from Fotolia to demonstrate.

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The Art of Portrait Photography

Generally focused on the subjects face, although occasionally encompassing more of their body, portrait photography is the art of capturing a person’s mood, character and emotion in a photograph.

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Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a fantastic technique whereby the speed in which film frames are captured, otherwise known as the ‘frame rate’, is much slower to view the sequence in progress. It gives the ability for successions that are generally unapparent to the human eye to manifest them more prominently. Classic examples include clouds moving in […]

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Photoshop CC 2014: Flames Filter

Eric Renno, aka TipSquirrel, our awesome guest Photoshop Guru is on hand again, this time to give us a fantastic, in-depth tutorial about how to use the flames filter on Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. Over to you Eric…..

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The best smartphones for taking pictures and videos

At Fotolia, we love when you take pictures with your smartphones! We’ve even create a special application for iPhone and Android smartphones, Fotolia Instant, which allows you to upload and sell your best photographs to our Instant Collection.

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How to cut our hair in Photoshop

Many of you familiar with Photoshop will know the difficulties that can come with cutting out hair in Photoshop – especially when it’s slightly unruly or in mid-’swish’.

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