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Fotolia in Brussels

Fotolia’s local guides to the cities of the world include some heavy-hitters on the global scene, but our destination this time, while perhaps not quite as iconic is a uniquely European city.

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Top Picks for Textured Backgrounds

As you know Fotolia has a fantastic variety of stock photos, but have you seen our equally fantastic portfolio of textured backgrounds?

No? We thought not. That’s why we’ve chosen some unique and inspired creative pieces to broaden your notion of what Fotolia offers.

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Silicon Valley Visions

Vlad Kryhin lives in California – a place he loves because of the sheer diversity of its landscapes and ecology, something Vlad knows more than a little about! He originally came to California from Belarus, on the other side of the world, and has seen most of the sights in-between these two places.

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The Storyteller of Stock

Stephan was one of Fotolia’s top contributors of 2013 – quite an achievement when you remember that Fotolia has 250,000 global contributors! He generously agreed to answer some questions for us and offer his advice for achieving success in stock.

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Generation Photography

Jelena Jovanovic is one of Fotolia’s top contributors. Based in Serbia, we asked her about getting started in the stock photography industry, what inspires her, and any tips or recommendations she could give other contributors.

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Fotolia in Tokyo

We’ve been busy compiling our Fotolia local guides to world cities – visiting Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Seoul, and Rome, but now we’re tackling a city which inspires awe and wonder among even the most seasoned travelers – Tokyo!

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Keep It Simple – talking to Tom Malyska

Tom Malyska is one of Fotolia’s very best-selling illustrators in his home country of Germany. How does he do it? Why does he do it? We sent our top reporter, Rene Bosch, on a mission to find out…

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Women In Stock: Women’s Day – Celebrating Women

Tomorrow, March 8th, marks the International Celebration of Women and all their contributions to society, whether economic, social, or political. A day to examine the daily struggles of half the human race and break the historical barriers that have so often limited them.

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Finnish by Nature

Akseli Lamminmäki is technically a Finn, but has lived all over Europe in his 26 years, so perhaps “European” is a better description of his nationality. He first joined Fotolia some time ago, but it was the recent introduction of our Instant App that caught his photographic eye and really encouraged him to start submitting photos.

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Fotolia in Rome

Fotolia’s local guides to world cities have so far taken us to Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, and Seoul, but now it’s the turn of the most famous ancient city in the world – Rome!

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