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SAP Lumira partners with Fotolia

We’re extremely excited to announce that SAP has chosen Fotolia to be content partners. This partnership will enable SAP’s customers who are using Lumira to be able to search for Fotolia images to help present their data in a more visually appealing wayE

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New Fotolia iPad app launches

It’s official – we’ve officially launched a new iPad app! This fun and intuitive app helps users to search, download, and share royalty-free images from Fotolia’s 28 million creative files with just one click.

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Top Picks for Textured Backgrounds

As you know Fotolia has a fantastic variety of stock photos, but have you seen our equally fantastic portfolio of textured backgrounds?

No? We thought not. That’s why we’ve chosen some unique and inspired creative pieces to broaden your notion of what Fotolia offers.

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Spring’s Sprung!

It’s official – Spring is finally in the air, and here at Fotolia we can’t be the only ones throwing our hats and scarves in the air to welcome the warmer days and shorter nights!

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Fotolia Facebook Hits 100K ‘Likes’

We’ve hit the milestone today of 100K ‘Likes’ on Facebook. A massive thank you to all fans, old and new who’ve supported us and shared with us along the way.

100K fans is testament to the international growth of Fotolia which this year will mark its 10th Birthday!

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Most Popular Images of 2013

Fotolia has unveiled its top five bestselling photos and illustrations around the world and in the USA, and met with Cédric Erard, cultural coach and semio-rhetoric expert, to find out more about these global and local cultural trends and learn more about what these best-selling images represent.

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Women in Stock: Freedom and Flexibility

Testing the boundaries of traditional business models is something of a habit at Fotolia. But we didn’t realize our rebellious streak might be both a creative outlet and viable career for so many of our contributors.

Particularly our female contributors.

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Fotolia launches Fotolia Instant – a brand new collection and mobile app

Fotolia Instant

Fotolia Instant

Fotolia launches a new app and collection, uniquely designed for Smartphone photos. Created for iPhone 4 and up, Fotolia Instant offers fresh, new “in-the-moment” images taken using the new app, which allows users to shoot and upload to Fotolia directly from their Smartphone.

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Fotolia CEO, Oleg Tscheltzoff, interview in Photoshop Magazine, Holland

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