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Love, London

Fotolia’s renowned for it’s selection of images from around the world and Datography’s portfolio exemplifies London at its finest. We got a chance to speak with Datography boss Elliott Rowland to find out what it is about London that makes her such a beautiful, diverse and multi-faceted subject.

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Creating Concepts in Stock Photography

Jacob Ammentorp’s magnificent photography struck us because of it’s sheer elegance and strength with its ability to retain a sense of simplicity. His images depict immense detail and as a result the small beautiful details you’d otherwise miss in daily situations.

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Acting Photographer

We got a chance to speak with Fotolia Contributor Logan Bannatyne. His story of how he became to work in the stock photography industry is extremely unique, his background still playing however a huge part in his thematic style and aesthetic.

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The Holiday Job

What makes a fantastic portfolio on Fotolia is variety. Particularly when it comes to sequential narratives; telling a story by images. Fotolia Contributor Mila Supinskaya is a great example of a Fotolia Contributor whose work exemplifies this. We were lucky enough to speak with her this month to find out more about her journey into the world of stock photography and where it will take her next.

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Life’s a Beach!

We were thrilled to get a chance to speak with one of our best-selling Fotolia Contributors, Nikolay Okhitin. You can be assured that you’ve seen one of his images on the cover of travel magazines, advertising glamorous beach resorts or on the websites of tourism boards – they’re that good! But enough of us singing his praises – it’s over to you Nikolay……

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The Beauty of Life

We were so excited at the opportunity to speak with exclusive Fotolia Contributor Patrizia Tilly and learn a bit more about her foray into the world of stock photography, what inspires her and to see some of her favourite images in her portfolio and her reasonings why.

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Simplicity frees creativity.

We caught up with Eleonore, one of France’s and Fotolia’s most successful stock photographers who has already established a big presence using the Instant Collection, to gain an insight into her work and her work methods.

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Food Photos: The Italian way

We got a chance to have a quick chat with one of Fotolia’s top selling food photography Contributors. Here he explains where he gets his influences from and what it is about food photography which inspires him. Over to you Marco…..

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Travel, take pictures and sell them to travel more

We caught up with the photography couple, Mathieu and Sandrine, whose portfolio specialises in, but is not limited to, food photography. In this interview we learnt all about their adventurous lifestyle, their methods, and a tasty French recipe.

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Doodling Mr Vukotič

Illustrator Jaka Vukotič spent much of his time doing different drawings, illustrations, and cartoons, whilst growing up in a land transforming from socialist Yugoslavia to capitalist Slovenia. The radical socio-political shift from egalitarianism to consumerism has left Jaka with a belief that we no longer live culture. We consume it.

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