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Ant Tales

Stock Photographer Andrey Pavlov has one of the most thematically dedicated and unique Fotolia portfolios specialising in the photography of ants in fairytale like situations. Unbelievably, despite the photos looking as if they have been photoshopped or shot using dead ants, Parlov shoots them interacting with his purposefully created miniature stage sets.

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Good ideas, executed flawlessly

As part of Fotolia’s ‘Unstock’ series we spoke to Contributor Darién Sánchez about his foray into the stock industry to uncover more about his unique illustrations and graphics.

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The Cream of Catalan

Following on from Marti Sans Gallardo’s interview we asked him to share a unique recipe from his native land: Catalan Cream, a sweet cream dessert made of milk and egg, scented with cinnamon and lemon, and served with a burnt sugar crunch topping.

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Make it delicious, make it useful

If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well – that’s what Martí Sans Gallardo decided when he was disappointed by pictures taken of his cooking. He decided to take his own pictures, and is now one of the growing numbers of self-taught contributors on Fotolia.

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Food with finesse

Victoria Petrashova is a German-based, Russian-born, Fotolia stock contributor who does a mean line in food pictures! So we asked how she got started as a contributor, why she specializes in food, and how she stops herself eating her delicious creations before she photographs them!

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Instant gratification!

ou know what we love about the Fotolia Instant App? It gives professional stock users the opportunity to test their creativity and brand on new markets. But don’t just take our word for it!

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Unstock: Symbiosis and Surprise

Top Fotolia contributor Siarhei Piatrosau, and his colleague Dmitri Serov, have a unique Fotolia portfolio, so we spoke to them as part of our ‘Unstock’ series.

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Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is one of the latest artists to be invited to join Fotolia’s popular TEN Collection. What does this prestigious honor entail? How do you become a TEN artist? Could YOU become a TEN artist?

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Unstock: Caravaggio to Kubrick

Continuing our Unstock series, speaking to Fotolia contributors with a unique or unorthodox style, we spoke with Olly, a self-taught Fotolia contributor from Italy.

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TEN S3 Profile: Lucia Giacani

Making up the second half of our TEN S3 duo for May 2014 is Milan-based fashion photographer, Lucia Giacani.

We spoke to Lucia to find out more about background, her work, and being a part of Fotolia’s TEN Collection…

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