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Fotolia vs Advertising – On everyone’s lips

Welcome to Joe la Pompe, a French coincidences hunter in advertising since 1999. On his blog, Joe la Pompe collects any twin-advertising concepts, any idea that has been done more than once for any reason (coincidence, copycat, etc.).

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24 Days of Fotolia: don’t miss out!

We’re giving away 24 free images from our 33 million strong stock library in the run up to Christmas. Simply head to Facebook or Google+ to ensure you don’t miss out!

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Ruby Ranking for Fotolia Contributor Olly

Today we pay tribute to a new milestone in Fotolia ranking of a great photographer, internationally known in the Microstock world: Andrea Piacquadio aka Olly, who recently, and most deservedly achieved ruby status!

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The urban explorations of phoneographers

New photographers do not all have an SLR camera, and their hunting grounds are not necessarily located in the most photogenic areas. Yet the territory: the city, their city. Their tool: a simple smartphone. Their name: phoneographers. During their urban explorations, they capture the lights, the perspectives and details of a contemporary architecture and as a result offer us a different point of view.

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Social Media Ready

Am I or am I not allowed to use Fotolia images on social networks such as Facebook? Every now and then there is still confusion around this subject. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together the most important aspects to remember so you’re ready to go!

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The 24 Days of Fotolia

24 days of Fotolia – 24 reasons to say thank you!

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Best of November

Despite the holiday season approaching at record pace and priorities shifting from work to the prospect of holiday anticipation and preparations it has not prevented the influx of original, captivating and creatively diverse images from being uploaded to Fotolia.

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Thanksgiving is a predominantly US and Canada celebrated occasion. Falling on the last Thursday of November for the US, and the second Monday of October for Canada. The spirit of Thanksgiving however can universally be enjoyed – taking the time to give thanks for things we have although historically it’s cultural importance was related to the harvest.

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Show us your City

Around 3.5 billion people live in cities worldwide and this number looks set forth to double by the year 2050. As the popularity of city living increases, as does the demand for images depicting cities and the people living there.

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Best of September

September seemed to go by in a flash. The back to school and work month can take a bit of adjusting too after the summer holidays become a fond, yet distant memory. It doesn’t however appear to stop our amazing Contributors from uploading a variety of images taken all around the world.

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