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Adhemas Batista : the  “seller of colours

Adhemas Batista’s work is awash with shimmering colours and rythmic vibrations of Brazil. An Art Director, illustrator and designer in one, this Brazilian artist prefers to define himself as a “seller of colours”.

In 2004, he worked with world renowned ad creator Marcelo Serpa on a project commissioned by the Havaianas brand to AlmapBBDO Agency. It is there that this self-educated man, a graphic designer since he was 15, developed his graphic identity. His style stands out because of its very colourful and strong visual style, which earned him prestigious awards including the Cannes Golden Lion in the “Conception” category at the 2009 Cannes advertising festival. This same festival had named Batista “Brazilian Young Creative” in 2003.

His counts among his clients companies such as Danone, General Motors, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nike, Nokia, Pepsi, Puma, Unilever and Volkswagen.  “I maintain my creativity trough constant work. Personal realizations allow me to enrich my professional compositions”, he explains.

The cultural wealth and diversity of his native country greatly influence his work. He uses bright colours and their shades, without using special effects.

An artist true to his roots

His work is impregnated with the urban culture of São Paulo, where he was born in 1980, the Rio Carnival and handcrafts from North-East of Brasil. Even though Adhemas Batista has been living with his family in Los Angeles since 2006, and has set up his own studio there, he remains faithful to his origins: “I think our environment and personal experiences directly influence our life as artists or designers. My work is probably more Brazilian than I am. I can be very calm and serious, while my work is happy all the time”.

Valorizing Brazilian culture through the TEN project

This invitation to enter the TEN project allowed me to raise the colours of my country on the international creative scene. It is a great opportunity to showcase Brazilian culture.

In his artwork, “Colours to defy gravity”, typography, illustration and images interact in a merry and harmonious ensemble. His graphic print inspires a whole generation of graphic designers.

“Looking for images on Fotolia, I found the photo of a girl, floating and posing like an “X”. She couldn’t have been more perfect, the X being the Roman figure for “10”. Besides, the girl’s position suggests a graphic explosion behind her. I inserted manga and comics references and mixed them all. This allowed me to create planar shapes, with volume and light. This work is a chaotic graphic explosion evoking the urban and youth culture, a kind of energetic rebellion, with bright colours and complex shapes”.

Meeting Adhemas Batista

Two videos, subtitled in 12 languages, were shot in the artist’s environment. The video featuring his world can be seen on the TEN Collection Facebook pages from March, 6th. The other video, revealing his creative techniques, will be available on D-Day, March 8th, on and

 About TEN :

TEN is a creative, digital and educational project created by Fotolia in 2011, and aimed at democratizing digital art. TEN, as in 10 artists, 10 countries, 10 months and 10 PSDs. This unprecedented project allows every web user to download, for free and for 24 hours, the source file in PSD format of ten of the best worldwide digital artists, and to discover their work techniques and cultural influences. Each user can access the ensemble of layers, graphic elements, and style effects contained in each PSD and use them in their own works. This community initiative was born from cooperation between Fotolia and two well-known graphic communities: Wisibility and Amkashop. TEN is also supported by national and international partners, such as Adobe, Behance, Wacom, Wilogo, Computer Arts, Digital Photographer Magazine, Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative and Digital Arts.

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