The PDF Chef has learned that a good partner like Fotolia can make a world of difference to delivering a vision.


A Partnership That Delivers On All Levels…

PDF Chef’s partnership with Fotolia means they can now seamlessly deliver their envisaged end-to-end service by incorporating Fotolia’s extensive and high quality image library – complete with search functionality – through the use of Fotolia’s excellent API.

Fotolia image prices being the best on the web – especially for models such as this one – and the multicurrency e-commerce credit model for buying images being so simple to implement, easy to understand means it fits PDF Chef’s e-commerce model like a glove.

How Fotolia Help PDF Chef Deliver Their Planned Functionality Vision…

For example, a PDF Chef user can search and select an image from the Fotolia library, which they then simply drag and drop onto their document page.

However, if the aspect ratio of the image size to the image box size is wrong, clearly not all of the image will be displayed and it won’t look good. This is a technical aspect of image usage that some people may not be familiar with, depending on their previous design experience. This was exactly one of the many processes involved in document design that they wanted The PDF Chef to completely automate or provide a simple and unique solution to.

Therefore, The PDF Chef provides one click access to an Image Editor that suggests a suitable aspect ratio crop as shown below.  If visually unsuitable, the user can then drag the suggested crop box to other areas of the image.

It gets better! To the right of the panel you will also see that the editor informs the user of the required Fotolia image size for the crop and its cost in credits – this is a perfect example of how The PDF Chef is able to use the Fotolia API to provide a planned, unique and useful feature to its users.

If you crop the image even more, as shown below, you will see that the cost displayed by the Editor is dynamically updated – this is useful information if there are budget constraints and some images are more important than others. Should you crop an image far too tightly for the planned image box, the Editor will even inform you that no suitable size version of your image exists within Fotolia’s database.

Finally, when a document is finished, The PDF Chef replaces the low res positionals used within the document building process, with images of the correct resolution.  It does this by automatically buying them from Fotolia – it also applies any crops, ensures they are correctly colour separated and applies any bleeds.

If you have selected to create both a hi resolution print ready PDF and one for electronic distribution, The PDF Chef then automatically resamples all the images and does the necessary colour conversion to ensure the resulting PDF is of the best quality and correct file size.

So you can see, it’s better to partner!

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