Fotolia’s TEN collection brings you New York based digital artist Takeshi, number 7 in the series that gives you the the best of digital art, graphic resources and education all in one place.  This project helps design enthusiasts to improve their knowledge and skills with the help of free access to the source files of the world’s top digital artist.

As in previous months, you
will receive access to over 100 files and learn how each individual graphic component plays a part in creating the final image. Youwill not only have access to the file in its entirety, you will also be able to view the ‘making of’ video of each featured artist.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Fotolia’s TEN COLLECTION and download your Takeshi PSD for free for 24 hours* on the 8th of June.

Watch TAKESHI’s video here

*After the 24 hrs period, the file is available for £6