Fotolia’s art exhibition “Me, Myself and I”, opening at fotoliaLAB on April 13, presents an impressive selection of self-portraits by internationally renowned photographers.
Europe’s leading microstock agency Fotolia presents, with a grand opening on 13 April 2012, the exhibition “Me, Myself and I – Stock Photographers’ self-portraits” in fotoliaLAB in Berlin.   To complete this impressive collection, 40 world renowned photographers snapped themselves in a variety of poses, situations and moods, to demonstrate why the self-portrait has become so popular as a form of distinctive representation in art history.
The artistic debate with oneself, which Rembrandt and van Gogh conducted with brush and palette, has undergone countless variations since the introduction of the first camera.  Photo artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman and JK Keller have always demonstrated the boundless possibilities of self-representation, each in a very different and individual way. The contributors of “Me, Myself and I” are with their work, creativity and diversity in no way less superior than these artists.
“The viewing of such a large selection of self-portraits from the Fotolia stock was an amazing experience, and also a great challenge,” says Stefan Horn, curator of the exhibition.   The inventiveness of the photographers seems to be almost boundless, and one can imagine the great fun had while staging the self-dramatization. And this is precisely what the exhibition succeeds in communicating to the viewers.”
As a special highlight, visitors to the exhibition will be given the opportunity to emulate the professional photographer: Thanks to an installation by the artist and programmer Joachim Glasstetter, they can produce their own self-portraits and have the results sent via email.  The installation can be used during the opening event and also during regular visiting times.


The “Me, Myself and I” participating artists are:
Andres Rodriguez. Katie Little. Marco Mayer. Scott Griessel. tiero. olly. Benicce. Franz Pfluegl. Amir Kaljikovic.  Nadine Platzek. Patrizia Tilly. George Mayer. drubig-photo. Ariwasabi. soup studio. Andrea Rankovic. Kasandra. fdenb. detailblick. Floki Fotos. william87. Mysterieux Boy. Wanja Jacob. AA+W. victor zastol’skiy. Lsantilli. Herby (Herbert). Masson. DURIS Guillaume. Robert Kneschke. Shopartgallery. Antonio Gravante. Detelina Petkova. K.Körner / deviantART. Detelina Petkova. Lulu Berlu. Giuseppe Porzani. Anatoly Tiplyashin. Yuri Arcurs. SOMATUSCANI.

Art opening “Me, Myself and I – Stock Photographers’ Self-Portraits”
Time: Grand Opening: April 13 2012, 6pm
Location: fotoliaLab – Lychener Straße 74, 10437 Berlin
Exhibition runs: April 14 to July 13 2012
Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and by appointment

“Me Myself and I” is sponsored by Epson