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Month March, 2012

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Build a Pop Art Image

Cycle Haven 2011 Illustrator, Photoshop “This tutorial is all about creating an image with the use of collage, vectors and various textured techniques” – Neil Stevens Illustrator, image-maker. For this tutorial I have created an image that draws inspiration from Pop Artists – such as Richard Hamilton – and mixed this influence with my own […]

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New York/London – March 15, 2012 – Fotolia announces the acquisition of Wilogo.com, a leading crowdsourcing design community. Since its inception in 2006, Wilogo has been connecting businesses and designers from all over the world. Wilogo.com is available in 4 languages, and has produced hundreds of thousands of logos for its clients. Wilogo’s community also […]

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Fotolia is continuing its TEN Collection with another free PSD file, created by the digital artist Elroy

Fotolia’s Ten Collection continues to bring together the best of digital art, graphic resources and education. This unique project aims at allowing image enthusiasts to hone their knowledge and skills with the help of free access to the source files of the world’s greatest digital artists. As well as having access to the file in […]

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