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Month February, 2012

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Fotolia Delivers Industry-First Plugin for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

London, February 21, 2012 – Silicon Publishing and Fotolia announced an exciting new plugin that incorporates over 16 million stock photos directly into Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS5 or newer) Compatible with Adobe Creative Suite versions 5 or newer, the plugin lets users browse, manage, and incorporate stock photos from Fotolia.com directly within Adobe’s CS5 (or […]

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Displacement and Break Effects

Learn to use various displacement effects on a model to change their appearance dramatically. In this tutorial we will take a stock photo of a dancer and make it appear as if she is breaking apart; as if she is being eroded and shattered in places, while some of her body will be displaced. We […]

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Fotolia continues to expand its innovative business model

London, 7th February 2012 – One year after exhibiting in Hamburg, Fotolia returns to FESPA Digital 2012 in Barcelona with several evolutions. During the past year, Fotolia has successfully launched the third version of its platform with a reviewed design and improved search tools. The company also keeps cultivating its innovative identity through several technical […]

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Fotolia Presents Francois Leroy, 3rd in the series of 10 ARTISTS – 10 THEMES – 10 MONTHS – 10 PSDs!

The TEN collection in its unique project that brings together the worlds of digital art, graphic resources and educational elements, introduces graphic artist Francois Leroy.  Join us on 10th of Feb to learn his special techniques. Not only will you discover the process of turning basic images into an intricate digital illustration, but you’ll have […]

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