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Month January, 2012

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Fotolia shares the Top Sellers of 2011

New York/London, January 26, 2012 – Europe’s leading microstock agency has continued to generate six-figure incomes for its top photographers in 2011. The three best selling images on Fotolia.com accounted for over 10,000 downloads this past year. Images from the top three sellers range from £0.63 – £18.90 per download, depending on the size required. […]

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Fotolia meets deviantART!

Fotolia has teamed up with deviantART to create a collection of amazing images that will will blow your mind! We wanted to provide you with a top of line gallery that spans a multitude of cool categories and themes. And then we made it happen. The collection features over 3,000 images and the photographers are […]

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Fotolia is taking a day out of the office, why don’t you join us?

We have found a place where the top marketing pioneers will help you create effective campaigns, develop strategies and stand out from the crowd in the rapidly evolving digital age. Fotolia will be joining 12,000 marketers and advertisers who will gather at TFM&A, the UK’s largest marketing and advertising event, to attend 12 leading keynotes […]

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HDR Lighting Effects

This tutorial was a created in collaboration with Advanced Photoshop and Fotolia. We thank Imagine Publishing and Advanced Photoshop! Use Photoshop brushes, blending modes and gradients to create new convincing image atmosphere In this tutorial, we set out to fulfil the brief of creating a dynamically lit commercial-standard image, and share our professional effects with […]

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10 ARTISTS – 10 THEMES – 10 MONTHS – 10 PSDs

Fotolia is continuing its Ten Collection with another free PSD file, created by the digital artist  Trust in Elements Beginning in December 2011, the Ten Collection is bringing together elements of digital art, graphic resources and education. This unique project aims at allowing image enthusiasts to improve their knowledge and skills with the help of […]

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