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Month December, 2011

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Exposure Merging and HDR Toning

Learn how to create a hyperreal HDR image using CS5’s latest HDR conversion tools The distinctive appearance of a high dynamic range (HDR) image is intriguing and leaves many people guessing how it was created. A mix between what looks like a photograph and what could be a painting, HDR is a fascinating and creative […]

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The Full Length interview with Fotolia/TEN Collection’s first collaborator Digital Artist Soemone.

As we all know Fotolia’s TEN collection got off to a great start on Friday last.  A huge number of people availed of the free PSD download in the 24 hrs of availability, and it is now being purchased in great numbers. Now you can watch and hear Soemone speak about what inspires him, how […]

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Fotolia presents the TEN collection. SOEMONE shares his secrets…..

    Check out the very first video teaser of the first world famous digital artist in Fotolia’s TEN Collection.  A unique collection, and an absolute world premier, TEN brings together 10 of the world’s best digital artists, one a month, who will let you into their secrets, allowing you to learn how they created […]

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