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Month November, 2011

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Dynamic Lighting Effects

Use Photoshop’s basic tools to transform some ordinary photos into a dynamic landscape with fantastic lighting Many diehard landscape photographers dedicate considerable time and effort to capturing the perfect image, whether that means getting up at the crack of dawn to record a stunning sunrise, or spending hours out in the elements, waiting for that […]

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Fotolia Presents A World Premiere: fotoliaLAB!

  Fotolia leads by example and creates a stage for contemporary stock photography.   Presenting fotoliaLAB – the first microstock gallery in the world!     fotoliaLAB is an event and exhibition space for art-related works from the more than 15 million images that can be found on Fotolia’s comprehensive microstock image bank . Visitors […]

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Digital art masters share their secrets with Fotolia

10 digital art masters make their work available free through Fotolia’s TEN Collection     Now you can discover the secrets of 10 of the world’s digital art masters with Fotolia’s TEN Collection. Launching on 9th December 2011, the TEN Collection will see 10 artists share their secrets over 10 months. Each one will be […]

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