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Month September, 2011

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Get ready for the new Fotolia creative contest!

Shortly after its V3 release, Fotolia is about to launch a world contest dedicated to everyone with a creative soul. Play every week for a month and try to win one of our great hi-tech prizes! See you next Monday…

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Fotolia is happy to have sponsored the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards!

Fotolia is happy to have been a 1st time sponsor of the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards 2011! It was an amazing evening for us.  We would like to congratulate the nominees and winners, and especially the winner of our sponsored category, Fotolia Photo Essay Winner, Mr Dan Kitwood.  For more information, please see a […]

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Create a surreal masterpiece

Create a surreal masterpiece Whip up a dream-like composition using Fotolia images and some Photoshop know-how. In this project, you’ll see how incorporating a touch of surrealism will make all the difference in your scenes. The surrealist art movement began shortly after the end of the First World War and its influence can be seen […]

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